Jillian Rebekah

Hit the road

Roadtripping is a way of life for Jillian Rebekah who takes every opportunity she can to hop in her truck and explore.

As often as she can, Jillian Rebekah climbs into her 2016 Toyota Tacoma and hits the open road in search of new sights and new ways to experience the world around her. Seeking inspiration, Jillian has made a habit of off-roading her way across the world and connecting with nature in a way most people only dream of doing. As with any adventurous lifestyle, preparation is everything. Jillian always leaves prepared, packed, and ready for anything. Her constant companions are the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 75DZW and the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery which work together to keep her going strong on any trail, no matter how remote.

The Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 75DZW, with its 70 liter capacity and two separate temperature controlled compartments that can both refrigerate and freeze as needed, is a constant companion in Jillian’s travels. Serious trips often call for days at a time without seeing a grocery store and Jillian loves to cook on her trips, so this portable refrigerator keeps her stocked with fresh and healthy meals for over a week at a time. Spending long weekends on the road and a week or more of exploring every two months means plenty of time away from home. With the CFX, home-cooked meals can happen anywhere and at anytime, so Jillian doesn’t have to sacrifice a good meal in exchange for adventure.
In sharing her off-road adventures, Jillian encourages everyone to spend time out in nature, seeing and experiencing new things. After spending her early adulthood indoors, working hard to keep up the demands of city life, she now refuses to miss out on all the joy and wonder that the world has to offer. She inspires others to start slow, get out into nature, and experience the peace and possibility that often goes unexplored. Even with all of life’s responsibilities, Jillian maintains her dedication to the off-road lifestyle. This means always having something to look forward to and the ability to take a break from the day-to-day tasks that hold us in one place.
Of course, having good travel companions and the right gear can take a lot of the worry out of heading into the great unknown. With the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery that charges whenever Jillian is driving, she can run her CFX refrigerator, charge her devices, and power any essential appliance no matter where she roams. This powerful, compact, and convenient battery can deliver up to 40 hours of power to the CFX refrigerator on one single charge. She never leaves home without it.  Jillian started roadtripping with her dad when she was a child, so adventure has been a part of her life from the very beginning. With Dometic products, she can spend less time prepping and more time making new memories from the driver’s seat.  
If you want to keep up with Jillian and her adventures, make sure to follow her on social media: instagram.com/jillianrebekah

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