Jonna Kilian-Vostell

Simplicity at sea

Jonna Kilian-Vostell is sailing around the world, propelled by the wind and her passion for a life at sea

The TANGAROA is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42′ Sailboat and floating home to Jonna Kilian-Vostell and her six-year-old Boston-Terrier, Donna. After years of saving and dreaming, in the summer of 2017, Jonna sold all her belongings and moved from land to sea. Turning her sailboat into a fulltime living space took plenty of hard work, but with the proper tools and gear, Jonna and Donna are able to explore the world in comfort and confidence.  

The decision to live aboard a sailboat was made after Jonna spent time as a crew member on a small sailing boat in the Caribbean. It was her first taste of mobile living and she was amazed that they could spend weeks at a time away from civilization, catching their own food, making their own electricity, and managing the water supply. This was the journey that launched her passion for mobile living and started her on the path to the TANGAROA.

When asked about her inspiration for sailing, Jonna declared that she was driven by the simplicity of life on a sailboat, being moved by the wind and sea and powered by the sun. She is careful and concerned about her own footprint so sustainability and the reduction of single-use plastics are important to Jonna and her way of life. When outfitting her vessel, she chose products that would be safe and energy efficient to get her through the long weeks of her first mission to traverse an ocean.


Dometic was the first brand she turned to for dependable, durable products with low energy consumption that make off-grid mobile living possible. With the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 40 refrigerator and freezer, she can keep 38 liters of food at any temperature she desires from chilled to frozen (up to -22 °C for a deep freeze). Quiet, energy efficient, and tough enough to take a beating, the CFX 40 is a trusty companion for long trips. Easy to clean and resistant to odors, the fridge can hold fresh fish one day and fresh produce the next without hassle. As Jonna has learned in her time at sea, plans can change at any moment, so she needs equipment that is as flexible as she needs to be at any given moment.

Living at sea means long stretches where there is no easy option for picking up supplies or grabbing a quick bite to eat. All meals are prepared in her kitchen which has been outfitted with the Dometic Moonlight Two, a gas oven and grill with two burners on top. Compact and affordable, the high-quality all-in-one cooking solution is Jonna’s constant companion at sea. The easy electronic ignition and grill feature within the oven provide a huge variety of options for preparing meals. Life at sea may be all about simplicity, but that doesn’t mean mealtime needs to be limited or boring. The Moonlight Two gives Jonna the flexibility she needs to prepare healthy, delicious meals no matter where she sails.
When she isn’t cooking up a storm in the galley, sailing around the world, and seeking new ways to explore sustainable living, Jonna likes to dive and document her travels. Her best lessons have come from the most unexpected adventures, so her advice to fellow nautical dreamers is to avoid too much planning. Make sure to have all the safety and living gear you need with you, and prepare for everything. Plans change, be ready to change with them. Jonna admits that sealife is not always easy. It takes a lot of hard work and willingness to learn how to maintain and manage a sailboat. She also says that traveling by boat means meeting the kindest people in the world who are always willing to lend a helping hand. The hard work pays off, however, when she gets to wake up on the TANGAROA every day in a new and breathtaking place. In her own words, “live simply, live happy.”
If you want to keep up with Jonna and her adventures, make sure to follow her on social media:
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