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Dometic’s designers and engineers work together to provide automakers with the most innovative interior convenience solutions. By applying our expertise, we design and manufacture products to meet the ever- evolving need for mobile comfort and luxury.

Dometic’s designers and engineers work together to provide vehicle makers with the most innovative interior convenience solutions. We design and manufacture solutions to meet an ever-increasing demand for mobile comfort and luxury.

We use the latest methods and technologies in injection molding, surface finishing and assembly to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

From initial order to delivery of the finished product, we work closely with customers to ensure we meet their safely, reliability and performance demands.

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Dometic gehören mehrere globale Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentren in den USA, in Deutschland und in China, die CPV OEM-Zentrale in Deutschland, ein weltweites Team von Ingenieuren und Werkstätten für die Entwicklung von Prototypen in Deutschland und China.


  • Concept design of components or complete products

Development resources

  • The latest CAD systems
  • Automotive application software design & programming
  • LIN interface development
  • PCB design
  • PPAP, PSW and other customer-related requirements
  • Process, functional & design FMEA
  • Heat chambers
  • Climate testing laboratories
  • Prototype workshop
  • Software engineering
  • EMC validation
  • Vehicle crash testing
  • 3D measuring machine


  • Spritzguss
  • Vakuumformung
  • Blasformen
  • Hinterschäumte PU-Isolierung
  • Werkzeugbau
  • Elektronische THT- und SMD-Fertigungsabläufe
  • Eigene Kompressor- und Peltier/TED-Produktion
  • Zulassungen: TS 16949, ISO 9001/9002, VDA 6.3


  • Delivery precision
  • JIT & JIS capability
  • Fully EDI connected
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