Dometic TL 600
Top loading refrigeration container, 590 l

This 590-liter refrigeration and deep-freeze container was designed for safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods. It comes with two factory-preset fixed temperatures (+4 °C and –18 °C) for accurate cold chain management. The top loader design minimises cooling loss when the sliding door is opened.
  • 590 l
  • 2 fixed temperatures
    +4 °C or –18 °C
  • Top loading
    minimal cooling loss
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Optional battery set
Optional battery set

Up to 8 hours cooling without an external power supply

Temperature switch key
Temperature switch key

Simple and safe changeover between the two factory-preset fixed temperatures

Flexible power supply
Flexible power supply

230 V AC, 12 V DC or independent operation with optional battery set (24 V DC on request)

User-friendly design
User-friendly design

With locking and smooth running sliding doors

Reliable cold chain management

Ice cream van, online grocery delivery, purchase of fresh produce at the wholesaler’s – the Dometic TL 600 is always reliable. The top loading refrigeration container gives you 590 l of storage for fresh or frozen food. It comes with two factory-preset fixed temperatures (+4 °C or –18 °C), so the mandatory cold chain is reliably maintained at all times. The top loader design makes for easy access – with minimal cooling loss when you open the sliding door. Pallet feet fitted to the underside of the container allow safe loading and unloading with a forklift.


SKU-Nummer 9103540407 
Kurze Beschreibung Top Lader 12V / 230V - 590l 
Modell TL600 
Kühltechnologie Compressor 
Abmessungen Produkttiefe 685 mm
Abmessungen Produkthöhe 967.50 mm
Abmessungen Produktbreite 1733 mm
Fassungsvermögen (DIN15502) 590.00 l
Nettogewicht 180 kg
Eingangsspannung (AC) 230 V
Eingangsfrequenz 50 Hz
Nenneingangsleistung (AC) 300 W
Kältemittel 1, Typ R134a 
Klimaklasse (DIN15502)
Farbe Silver Grey 
EAN-13 4015704242515 
Abmessungen Packstücktiefe 695 mm
Abmessungen Packstückhöhe 880 mm
Abmessungen Packstückbreite 1770 mm
Packstückgewicht 185 kg