What size should my cooler have?

Of course we can deliver coolers in any size and volume you want. Please consider, however, that the larger the cooling compartment, the more energy is required. Moreover, a jumbo-size cooler is heavier and more difficult to store than a compact model. On the other hand, a compact cooler would hardly be sufficient for a family of five – they would certainly need more cooling capacity. The same is true for truck drivers, who tend to be on the road in pairs and for days on end. And, of course, skippers planning a long trip will require a different cooler than anglers who just want to safely store the catch of the day.

Conclusion: The cooler you choose should be a perfect match for you, your companions and your travelling habits, but also in terms of size and the space available in your vehicle.

  • Passive cooling: 13 – 110 litres
  • Absorption cooling: 31 – 40 litres
  • Thermoelectric cooling: 7 – 37 litres
  • Compressor cooling: 10.5 – 88 litres

Take Two

For day tours and spontaneous picnics we recommend the thermoelectric TropiCool TCX 21 for example. In the morning you put soft drinks and sandwiches in it – in the evening it’s empty. It’s also great for everyone having to travel for work a lot. Long trips, however, require a somewhat larger and stronger solution.

Take the CoolFreeze CFX 50 compressor cooler for instance. It neatly fits into the storage compartment and is great for the occasional boat trip as well. Its greatest bonus is its incredible performance. The sun may be scorching hot, yet this unit plays it cool!

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