Paulina Eriksson Dometic

Paulina Eriksson

Surfer, skateboarder, and vanlife-enthusiast Paulina Eriksson never misses a sunrise thanks to her lifestyle of freedom and exploration.

Paulina Eriksson has world travel in her blood. Her grandparents once toured Europe in their VW T2. Two decades later, their granddaughter is living the “vanlife,” traveling the world, chasing the sun, and seeking the next perfect wave.

Paulina has always loved action sports. She learned to ski in Sweden when she was only four years old and switched to snowboarding at fourteen. Now she loves to skateboard and surf all over the world. She first discovered the benefits of hotel-free traveling on a trip to Barcelona with her boyfriend, Simon. To save money and time, they slept in the trunk of a car. It was fun, but a little cramped. After that trip, they knew that they needed a van so they could travel in comfort.

Traveling and living in her van means no hotels and no hassles and the freedom to travel farther and see more every day. Paulina and Simon explore the world along with their dog. They fit comfortably in their van due to smart planning and compact, functional appliances such as the Dometic CFX 28 powered cool box which can keep food and supplies fresh and cold, functioning as either a freezer or a refrigerator, depending on their needs. Thanks to this portable and dependable appliance, living on the road doesn’t mean giving up home-cooked, healthy meals.

With the Dometic CFX 28 and daily personal devices running on a Dometic charger and inverter, which recharges whenever the van is running, Paulina doesn’t need to think about stopping to replenish energy resources or worry about constantly refilling the ice in a cooler. That means more time enjoying their gorgeous surroundings and less time worrying about maintenance.

The van is also equipped with a stove and a Dometic toilet so they have everything they need to stay on the trail for days without needing to go get more groceries. This way, they can go to remote locations and distant shores for days on end without a care in the world.

According to Paulina, the best thing about mobile living is the freedom to spend her days exploring, to pack up and hit the road whenever she wants, or to get comfortable and stay a while when they find the perfect spot. A life of adventure doesn’t need to be stressful or dangerous. Sometimes, it just means never having to miss a sunset.

If you want to keep with Paulina’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram:

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