DEFA MultiCharger 1203
Onboard charger, rated output 45 W

MultiCharger 1203 ensures that your battery is always fully charged. It is primary intended for private cars, small vans and light trucks. Can be used to charge all open or closed types of 12 V lead/acid inclusive AGM and GEL batteries.
  • Preserves
    the battery
  • Compact and powerful
  • Fits all
    12 V batteries
DEFA MultiCharger 1203
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    • Preserves the battery
    • Compact and powerful
    • For different types of vehicles

Fully loaded

Comfort functions like defrosters and seat heaters require a lot of power from the battery. Modern cars also depend on advanced electronics that increases the load on the battery. A normal driving pattern will not keep the battery sufficiently charged over time. Routine charging is necessary to prevent the battery from becoming discharged and degraded. The DEFA MultiCharger 1203 is included in WarmUp kits. Features include a modern switch-mode technology preserves your battery and allows the charger to be permanently connected, an LED indicator for charging mode and quick charging mode (green and red). The 230 V recognition prevents the relay from staying on and discharging the battery when the charger is not in use. The 2 relay-controlled outputs for engine and parking heaters can be activated with a time-program control unit (external signal). The kit prevents battery degradation (sulphating), extends the lifetime of the battery and prevents release of harmful gases.


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Produktbeschreibung Onboard charger, rated output 45 W 
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