BayStar Series

Hydraulic steering for safety and comfort

Designed to steer boats up to 150 hp, the BayStar series gives you the comfort and reliability of hydraulic steering at a lower price point. From the low friction Dometic BayStar Helm to the compact Dometic BayStar Cylinder, you’re ensured of a superb steering performance.

  • For use in applications up to 150 hp
  • Superior overall performance
  • Fits most splashwells
  • Low friction
  • Comfortable Steering
  • Rigid ISO quality control
SeaStar Series

Reliable hydraulic steering, suitable for almost all applications

With a model for nearly every application, the SeaStar series is a robust, reliable and comfortable hydraulic steering system designed to keep you in command of your vessel.

  • For use in applications up to 350 hp
  • Unmatched comfort and control
  • For single and multi outboard engines
  • Available in 1.7, 2.0. and 2.4 cubic inch displacements
  • Maximum steering wheel diameter is 28"

  • Newly designed tilt mechanism
  • Smooth operation and feel
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Five wheel positions allow adjustment to most comfortable steering position
  • 48° tilt range (12° down, 36° up)
  • Available in 1.7, 2.0. and 2.4 cubic inch displacements
  • Remote fill point

  • 48° tilt range (12° down, 36° up)
  • Smooth operation and feel
  • Shaft seals to prevent water ingress
  • Pre-loaded dual tapered bearings, for optimized bearing and machine performance
  • 5 positive lock positions
  • Compact footprint
  • Maintenance free and fits most dashes

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