What level of cooling performance do I need?

You like to go on day trips and keep fruit and soft drinks nice and cool? Or are you on the road for weeks on end with your mobile home, truck or boat and therefore wish to take deep-frozen food as well? While an inexpensive thermoelectric cooler will do in the first case, the second situation definitely calls for a compressor unit.

Passive Cooling
Insulating effect depending on the ambient temperature.

Absorption technology
Refrigeration depending on the ambient temperature, ice cubes on the evaporator.

Thermoelectric technology
Refrigeration depending on the ambient temperature.

Passive Cooling
Refrigeration and deep-freezing from +10 °C to –22 °C (CFX).

Dometic Cool-Ice passive coolers are an excellent choice for fishing trips. They keep bait and catch fresh for many hours without an external energy supply. A set of cold packs or ice cubes will do.

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