Dometic MasterFlush MF 8120

Electric macerator toilet, low-profile, 12 V

An electric macerator toilet in a low-profile model with two flush settings to help save water. Easy to install and with hidden connections that don't spoil the toilet's aesthetic appearance.
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Art.-Nr.: 9600015974

Macerating Power

Dometic macerator toilets are fitted with stainless steel blades, which churn waste to a fine effluent before it is transferred through a pipe to the holding tank. To make things easier when discharging the tank, the macerating process ensures even distribution of the waste when in use. The cutting wheel technology is the most efficient on the market, reducing the risk of a clogging and malodor troubles.
Macerating Power
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Dometic MasterFlush MF 8120
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    • Ein platzsparendes Modell in niedriger Ausführung
    • Leicht zu montieren, nur Toilette und Spülbedienpanel müssen angebracht werden
    • Die Wahl zwischen Normal- und Sparspülung ermöglicht einen effizienten Wasserverbrauch
    • Kompatibel mit einem separaten Schmutzwassertank
    • Geringe Lärmentwicklung
    • Abflussanschlüsse, die durch den Boden und die Wand passen

The lowdown

For a powerful macerator toilet in an easy-to-install, easy-to-use fixture, the low-profile Dometic MasterFlush MF 8120 toilet is a great choice! The electric toilet and flush control panel are the only components to install - no external control module is necessary. 8100 series macerator toilets provide three flush settings to help manage water use. Because flushes are controlled by how long the flush button is pressed, average consumption is very low, as the macerator moves the waste with minimal water needed. This means the MF 8120 has a very low impact on the fresh water consumption onboard, allowing you to stay out for longer! This model benefits from an angled back and small footprint make it ideal for tight spaces, while the solid enameled wood seat ensures user comfort.


SKU-Nummer 9600015974 
Modell 8120 
Modell auf Typenschild 8120 
Produktbeschreibung Electric macerator toilet, low-profile, 12 V 
Abmessungen Produkttiefe 469.9 mm
Abmessungen Produkthöhe 381 mm
Abmessungen Produktbreite 374.65 mm
Nettogewicht 13.61 kg
Eingangsspannung (DC) 12 V
Farbe White 
EAN-13 0713814269791 
Abmessungen Packstücktiefe 711.2 mm
Abmessungen Packstückhöhe 609.60 mm
Abmessungen Packstückbreite 482.60 mm
Packstückgewicht 17.58 kg