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Max Fredriksson

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In the heart of Sweden, where pine-covered mountains meet pristine lakes, Max Fredriksson's (@maxfredriksson) love affair with two wheels began at just five years old. From dusty BMX tracks to adrenaline-fueled dirt jumps, Max's journey as a professional mountain biker has been nothing short of thrilling. 
Max's story traces back to 2007 when, at the age of 12, he strapped on a helmet and embraced the world of dirt jumping. His passion for the sport grew with each gravity-defying leap, setting the stage for what would become a remarkable career. 
The international slopestyle scene first witnessed Max's skill in 2011 when he claimed a notable 4th place in Winterberg, Germany. Little did the spectators know, this was just the beginning of Max's rise to the top. 
From conquering challenging downhill trails to showcasing his flair in slopestyle competitions, Max's versatility on two wheels has earned him incredible global attention.  

We sat down with Max to learn more about his passion for mountain biking and how it fits into his lifestyle: 
Tell us more about what you do
I am a professional MTB athlete from Sweden, and a significant part of my year is spent traveling the world for competitions. When I'm back home, I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the outdoors, riding my bike in nature to escape the stress of everyday life. Alongside my love for mountain biking, I am passionate about filmmaking, and I often blend these two interests. This pursuit is not just a temporary endeavour; it's a long-term commitment for me.  
What does it mean to you to be a Dometic Ambassador? 
Becoming a Dometic Ambassador was a no-brainer for me, I truly feel blessed to get the opportunity and freedom to pursue my passion, job and desires in nature and on the road in a next-level way. 
Dometic's focus on facilitating a mobile, outdoor lifestyle resonates with my passion for exploring new trails and experiencing the freedom of the mountains. Dometic products allow me to get out into nature and completely switch off from the fast-paced life of competing, I really value this time, and Dometic makes it possible for me.  
What kind of vehicle do you have? 
I have a kitted-out Transit Custom van that's my mobile basecamp. It's not just a mode of transport; it's my hub for gearing up before hitting the trails and a cozy spot to recharge after an epic ride. It’s full of Dometic products, from power to furniture to cooling to cooking – I love it.  
What Dometic gear do you use, and how has it helped you?  
Dometic's gear is a game-changer for my mountain biking lifestyle. As of now, I've tried and tested the whole range: everything from car camping gear like rooftop tents to cooktops and drinkware. Everything has helped me in different ways, but the rooftop tent has truly enabled and enhanced my escapes to nature. 
How do you recharge after a comp?  
I love to unplug and get out in nature to recharge my batteries. Now that I have my new van decked out with Dometic gear, it's gotten a whole lot easier. I love to be away from home while still being comfortable so I can stay stress-free and take time to relax and recover. 
Any advice for someone wanting to start a similar lifestyle?  
Don't overthink it, just go for it. I'd say that a lot of people think it's so hard and complicated to get out in nature with a car. Since I started collaborating with Dometic, I've realized that there are so many smart solutions and tricks to easily get out there. It doesn't have to be complicated. My number one tip would be to get the right gear, it makes everything a lot more enjoyable. 

Outer Worlds with Max Fredriksson

Check out Max's latest video with Dometic below