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Financial Reports 2014

Interim Report - First Quarter 2014

Improved sales and earnings.
  • Net sales for the quarter totaled SEK 2,001 million (SEK 1,825 million), representing a 10 percent increase.
  • EBIT before items affecting comparability amounted to SEK 255 million (SEK 239 million)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of SEK -53 million (SEK -284 million)

“We are pleased to see a third consecutive quarter with year over year improvement in both sales and EBIT.Despite unfavorable winter weather at the beginning of the year in the US, the market continued to show strength in the period. In Europe, however, the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market continues to be challenging.Net sales for the Group increased by 10 percent, generated by growth in all Regions. We are particularly satisfied with the sales development in the Aftermarket channel, which increased by 13 percent.

The improvement in EBIT compared to last year is primarily driven by a strong topline. Currency development continues to burden the result while the operational improvement contributes positively to performance.Cash flow from operating activities improved in the quarter compared to the same quarter last year, mainly due to lower inventory build-up ahead of season.” says Dometic Group’s President and CEO, Roger Johansson.