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Dometic RUA Refrigerator Recall

Dometic Australia has initiated a recall on RUA6 & RUA8 series absorption refrigerators sold between July 2018 and December 2020.

Dometic RUA Absorption Refrigerator Recall - Australia

Dometic Australia has identified a potential defect in RUA6 & RUA8 series absorption refrigerators sold in various brand RV's & caravans from July 2018 to December 2020. 

The Problem

If connected to and running on 12V DC in your recreational vehicle or via your caravan tow vehicle, a small wiring loom located at the back of the refrigerator can overheat and char. Under these circumstances, if there is foreign combustible material in the vicinity behind the refrigerator it could lead to a fire.


Model Numbers

The recalled model numbers are:

  • RUA 6408X 2-door absorption refrigerator, 188L
  • RUA 8408X 2-door absorption refrigerator, 224L

Serial Numbers

The recalled serial number ranges are:

  • MB 82200938 to MB 85100130
  • MB 90200892 to MB 95200685
  • MB 00100565 to MB 03701182


How do I check whether I own a recalled product?

  1. Find the model (MOD.NO.) and serial number (SER.NO.) on the rating label located inside on the left-hand wall of the fridge.

  2. If your model is one of the 2 recalled models and falls within one of the serial numbers listed above, proceed to the next steps.

I own a recalled product. What are my next steps? 

  1. Stop using the product on settings AUTO or  immediately.
          NOTE: it is perfectly safe to continue using your product when parked, on either gas or AC.
          Select  either (gas) or  (AC) with the control knob. Do not select AUTO or  

  2. Find your nearest Dometic Service Agent by visiting, enter your suburb and select “Service Centre”. In case you have problems locating an agent nearby, please call 1800 21 21 21 for assistance.

    Enter your suburb or postcode, and select as follows before pressing "SEARCH"



  3. Contact your nearest Dometic Service Agent to arrange for fitment of a replacement wiring loom free of charge. 

If you think there may be a recalled model in an RV or caravan you have sold

If you think you may have had one of the recalled models described above and have since sold your RV or caravan, Dometic would greatly appreciate if you provide the name and address of the new owner, dealer, service centre or whomever has possession now, by calling 1800 21 21 21 or by sending an email to

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