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Dometic Celebrates 'Mobile Living Made Easy' Brand Launch with New Warranty Offering on Their Core Range

Dometic sets a new benchmark in the mobile living market, offering to Australian consumers a longer standard warranty period on their core range in conjunction with the launch of their new brand promise.

To celebrate the launch of the new ‘Mobile living made easy’ brand positioning, Dometic are offering an industry first 3-year warranty on selected RV airconditioners, refrigerators and cookers.

“Our new mission and slogan is ‘Mobile living made easy’, which is expressed in a new, fresh and modern visual identity centered on the values of the end consumers.” said Justine Schuller, Head of Marketing for Dometic Australia.

“At the heart of our new brand promise is a sharp focus on our end consumers -  RV owners, boat owners, truck drivers and outdoor enthusiasts. Dometic is on a journey to make a seamless and consistent experience for our customers to reflect our promise to provide great solutions that satisfy people’s essential needs when living mobile.” Explains Ms Schuller.

Being one of the longest manufacturer backed warranties available in the Australian market, the 3-year standard warranty period covers selected Dometic RV air conditioners, upright refrigerators and cookers. Previously, Dometic offered a one year standard warranty on air conditioners, and a two year standard warranty on refrigerators and cooktops.

The standard 3-year warranty is available on the following models:

Refrigerators Air Conditioners Cookers
RM 2350 CALR 242 OH1500
RM 2453 Harrier Inverter OH2000
RM 2553 FreshJet 2200 OH3000
RM 4601 FreshJet 3200 OH4100
RM 8501 BR 342 OH6000
RMD 8551 Aircommand Ibis OH5100
RM 2356 Aircommand Heron Q Cooktop and grill
RM 2355 Aircommand Ibis 3 Oven, cooktop and grill
RM 2455 Aircommand Jabiru 2 burner
RM 2555 Aircommand Heron 2 3 burner
RMD 8555 Aircommand Sandpiper Combi unit
RM 4605 Aircommand Cormorant  
RM 4805    
RMDX 21    
RMDX 25    
RGE 410    
CRX 50    
CRX 65    
CRX 80    
CRX 110    
CRX 140    
CD 30    
CR 50    
CR 65    
CR 80    
CR 110    
CR 140    
RPD 175    
RPD 215    
RPD 190    
RPD 218    

Ms Schuller also said “We offer smart and reliable products with outstanding design, and the increased warranty gives consumers the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that Dometic stands by its promise to offer reliable products to all Australian consumers. In addition to the standard 3-year warranty on these products, consumers can also opt to extend the warranty with the Dometic Care program for an additional two years, taking the total warranty period available to five years. This level of protection was previously never an option for owners of recreational vehicles.”

To find out more about our extended warranty options, or to register for a Dometic Care number, which will give you access to quick service for your Dometic products, freecall on 1800 21 21 21.

The new global Dometic has one clear promise, to make it easy for consumers to live mobile. By joining the existing Dometic brands with the ‘Mobile Living Made Easy’ tagline, Dometic is able to unify the breadth of resources, expertise and products offered into one cohesive global powerhouse in the mobile living market.

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