Dometic CFF 45

Dometic Unveils New Portable Fridge or Freezer with Classic Design

For a long time, Dometic has prided itself on its highly sought after CFX fridge/freezers, but now, it's revealing the understudy.

Dometic CFF 45 Product Release

The CFF 45 provides the essentials; serious spacious storage combined with impeccable insulation, topped off with an attractive modern design. This new release is bound to have outdoor enthusiasts excited everywhere because now, everyone can enjoy everything cool that Dometic has to offer.

This new design can hold up to 43.5 litres and accommodates standard Riesling bottles upright, making the CFF 45 the perfect traveling companion. Don’t travel alone? That’s fine. This smart design allows families to choose between running as a fridge or a freezer, removing all boundaries when it comes to deciding what to pack for dinner.

Dometic has designed the CFF 45 so that it contains the most efficient interior storage layout, along with a double sided opening lid; allowing access from either side. This 18.6 kg construct really does demonstrate what happens when portability meets excellent cooling performance.

Adventurers will love the new glass filled nylon and steel handles, making for a comfortable and reliable use first time, every time.

The footprint has been optimised for compatibility with the CFX series fridge slide for added installation convenience. It also comes decked out with a complete interior wrap evaporator, providing fast and excellent cooling or freezing - even with extremely high temperatures outside.

The CFF 45 is equipped with a digital electronic control system responsible for monitoring its interior, which is capable of cooling to as low as -18°C. This is complemented by substantial insulation drawing only moderate power from the battery, making this portable fridge or freezer a great choice for those living mobile.



  • Optimised storage volume with a single interior compartment for either cooling or freezing
  • Can be set between 10°C and -18°C, with the ability to run at -18°C at ambient temps of up to 32°C
  • Generous insulation for better cooling performance and energy efficiency
  • Modern design handle in comfort position
  • Max. cooling space design for more even temperature distribution profile
  • Holds 62 cans
  • Double-sided opening lid
  • User-friendly lid hinge design
  • Footprint fits CFX-SLD35/40 fridge slide
  • Fits standard Riesling bottle upright
  • Basket with removable divider
  • Interior LED light
  • Dimmable display – 3 options to suit different ambient light conditions


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