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Introducing the Dometic CI 92L


A new kind of cool - meet the Dometic long box for anglers

Dometic, known for developing trusted portable cooling products, has now launched a new Cool Ice Icebox, the CI 92L long box.


This icebox is designed longer and narrower than the existing Dometic Cool Ice range so it can fit in longer fish whilst not taking up valuable deck space on the boat.


Like the rest of the Dometic Icebox series, the CI 92L features a rugged construction that is built to last and keep ice frozen for several days. Each fish caught will be kept fresher for longer using the CI 92L.


The Dometic Cool Ice Icebox series has an extremely effective insulation system that ensures cool air does not escape whilst the lid is closed, with recessed seals and durable, food-grade polyethylene construction and generously proportioned CFC-free insulation. 


The new Cool Ice CI 92L also houses a range of practical accessories, including the ability to fit two dividers and two rod holders, bottle openers or drink holders.


There is a convenient ruler on the lid of the icebox that can be used to measure fish easily before deciding to keep them.


Fit more into the Dometic long box and make life easier by organising the food and drinks using the modular storage system with accessory wire basket and divider.


Underneath the handles are practical tie-down points, which help to keep the icebox secure during the trip.


The Dometic CI Fixing Kit accessory can be fixed to the tie-down points to add an additional layer of security.


Stainless steel hinges and durable rubber latches ensure that these iceboxes maintain excellent performance no matter where you travel.


With an ever increasing range of  Dometic Cool Ice Iceboxes available, you can choose a size and shape to suit your mobile living needs. From 13 to 110 litre models,  with strong handles and now including a purpose designed long box with anglers in mind – there is sure to be an icebox to match your needs.


The Dometic CI 92L is available for sale at participating retailers at the recommended retail price of $439.00.

Dometic Cool-Ice CI 92L

Dometic Cool-Ice CI 92L

This is a highly efficient and lightweight icebox with a long slim size that can keep ice for several days. With its thick refrigeration-grade foam insulation and unique labyrinth seal design, this purpose-designed long box is perfect for anglers, so you can keep your catch fresh no matter where you go!

Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes, such as the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 92L, are perfect for any occasion where there is no power readily available. This icebox has a 92-litre capacity and is designed longer and narrower than the existing Dometic Cool-Ice range so it can fit in longer fish whilst not taking up valuable deck space on the boat. It will keep your ice frozen for several days, depending on model usage and conditions. These robust iceboxes are ideal for continuous exposure to weather, especially on boats. The thick, refrigeration grade foam insulation and 'Labyrinth Seal Design' feature contribute to longer-lasting ice. Its rotomoulded design means there are no seams where heat can get in or cold can escape! Cool-Ice iceboxes are also extremely strong, durable and easy to clean. The CI 92L icebox comes with strong ergonomic handles that double as useful tie-down points to secure the icebox.

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Dometic is a global market leader in branded solutions for mobile living in the areas of Food & Beverage, Climate, Power & Control, Safety & Security and Hygiene & Sanitation. Dometic operates in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, providing products for use in recreational vehicles, trucks and premium cars, pleasure and workboats, and for a variety of other uses. Our motivation is to create smart and reliable products with outstanding design. We sell our products in approximately 100 countries and we have a global distribution and dealer network in place to serve the aftermarket. Dometic employs approximately 8,000 people worldwide, had net sales of more than SEK 18.0 billion (USD 2.0 billion) in 2018 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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