Dometic unveils a cooling revolution for mid-sized RVs

Dometic unveils a cooling revolution for mid-sized RVs

The Dometic Harrier Lite has been designed in such a way that it will change what you thought was possible in the air conditioning realm.

The unit comes kitted out with the new dual-cylinder inverter compressor that the market has come to love through the award-winning Ibis 4. This allows you to enjoy cool air with fewer vibrations transmitted to the RV structure when starting the Harrier Lite and when changing speeds.

The Dometic Harrier Lite is a more compact, lighter design, that suits the smaller vehicles like pop-tops and campers. This allows everybody to utilise the Harrier series and enjoy this market-leading experience.

Dometic has struck a balance when designing the Harrier Lite between utilising a lightweight, compact design, whilst still providing an impressive heating and cooling performance.

The Harrier Lite also features brand new built-in LED lights that allow you to bring your vehicle to life with the touch of a button. Or, if you’re already in bed, just use the remote control to turn the lights off when it’s time to sleep.

The Harrier Lite is also extremely user-friendly and practical to use. Its adjustable outlet vents allow for individual vertical adjustable airflow. Its three standard fan speed options operate with an incredibly low fan noise output.

This innovative new air-conditioner weighs in at only 36 kg and its new design creates a low centre of gravity as well as a lower clearing height (when compared to the Harrier). The Harrier Lite ticks all the boxes and leaps over every hurdle in order to earn the spot as one of the most impressive air conditioners available.


Quality Features:

  • Lightweight for a low centre of gravity
  • Cool white LED lights in the ADB which can be activated via the remote control
  • Connectivity with CI-BUS compatible control panels
  • Low profile rooftop unit
  • Dual-cylinder inverter compressor reduces vibration and is highly efficient
  • Low fan noise with three standard speeds
  • Adjustable outlet vents with individual vertically adjustable airflow
Dometic Harrier Lite

Dometic Harrier Lite

The Dometic Harrier Lite is Dometic’s latest innovation in air conditioning and has been specially designed to fit small to medium-sized caravans, pop-tops, and campers. Dometic has struck a balance between utilizing a lightweight, compact design, and an impressive heating and cooling performance. It comes featured with cool, white LED lights, and the dual-cylinder inverter compressor that the market has come to know through the highly sought-after IBIS 4.

When compared to the Harrier, the Harrier Lite has a more compact overall design and size - resulting in a lightweight, low rooftop profile that helps reduce towing weight as well as clearing height. The optimized internal ducting and fan housing results in a smooth airflow path through the ADB and better distribution throughout the vehicle. The Harrier Lite has undergone rigorous computer simulation and performance testing as part of its development in order to ensure the overall comfort of travellers living in their home away from home.

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