Dometic PLB40

Dometic Introduces Next Generation Portable Battery For Adventurers To Stay Longer

Dometic has put its power to good use, utilising lightweight technology and powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate to create the Dometic PLB40 portable lithium battery pack. Providing five times longer battery life than more commonly used lead-acid batteries, the PLB40 dares adventurers to truly live off the grid and see just how far they can go living mobile.
Dometic PLB40

Dometic PLB40

It requires years of research and development to get a market-leading lithium battery system just right. Dometic has juggled the unit’s impressive continuous supply of up to 500 Wh, along with its ability to protect itself from under-voltage; over-voltage; short-circuiting, and overheating. This puts the PLB40 in a league of its own.

At a lightweight 7.54 kg, the unit comes with ergonomic handles and acts as the perfect companion for portable fridge/freezers, such as the acclaimed CFX series. The LiFePo4 lithium battery technology included in the Dometic PLB40 produces a highly stable power supply for powering portable fridge/freezers and other 12 V appliances. This means that one full charge of the PLB40 allows campers to really get the most out of their trip when they’re living mobile.

The PLB40’s DC-DC charger offers three ways to charge: through a 12 V socket, via a solar panel, or through AC power, and is compatible with smart alternators. This simplifies maintaining charge levels and allows adventurers to charge in whichever way is most convenient.

And, if it wasn’t already impressive enough, the PLB40 comes kitted out with a brilliant built-in LCD screen which displays the battery capacity, charging status, output status, and communicates any technical messages if necessary.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery cells produce 500 Wh of energy
  • Integrated DC-DC charger offers three unique ways to charge and is compatible with smart alternators - through 12 V Socket, Solar Panel or AC house power
  • Input Connectivity through Anderson Plug & AC/DC Connector
  • Output Connectivity includes 2 Pin Socket, 12 V accessory socket and 2 USB Sockets
  • Ergonomically designed stainless steel retractable carry-handle
  • IP44 Rated to withstand wet, windy or dusty conditions
  • Built-in LCD screen displays capacity, charging status and output
  • Specifically designed for CFX and other portable coolers
  • Lightweight at only 7.54 kg
  • Supplied with external AC/DC Charger
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