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Dometic RTX 2000 12 V

Dometic's truck air conditioner adds a new 12-volt version

Dometic's truck air conditioner adds a new 12-volt version

The innovative truck air conditioner Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000 is now available in a 12-volt version, in addition to the existing 24-volt type also available.
Dometic RTX 1000

The RTX 2000 is a self-contained and battery-operated truck roof parking cooler that can be installed into the existing roof hatch and can now be used in any 12-volt vehicle. 


This is a highly efficient model with only 40 A consumption in Eco mode. It provides more cooling performance and a longer running time while consuming less energy than its predecessor model RTX 1000. This is possible thanks to the use of variable speed inverter compressor, which makes for excellent cooling performanceefficiencyand quiet operation.


The dual cylinder compressor works quietly, leaving the driver to rest perfectly to enjoy all the comforts of the parking cooler: the large, high-contrast display, the individually adjustable air distribution, the four operating modes – and the adaptive automatic mode of the air conditioner. Truck drivers are fascinated by the enormous staying power of the CoolAir RTX.


Even more powerful, the RTX 2000 uses its ample capacity to face hot temperatures in the truck cabin for up to six hours. 


A familiar picture in parking areas: truck drivers leaving the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner or to recharge the batteries during their resting periods.


Tons of fuel is wasted, and fleet operators pay dearly for it, while increasing wear and tear on the engine. A Dometic CoolAir parking cooler keeps operating costs down. 


Equally important to fleet owners is the fact that it improves work safety and thus ensures that the driver and freight arrive safe and sound. 


The CoolAir range includes powerful self-contained air conditioners and a modular split system for tricky installation conditions.

Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000

Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000

Self-contained and battery-operated truck roof parking cooler with up to 6 h running time. Highly efficient: only 19 A consumption in Eco mode. Connect to 12 V power input. Can be installed in existing roof hatch.

Like it’s 24 V sibling, the Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000 has all the great new technology but can now be used in 12 V vehicles. The ingenious Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000 provides added cooling performance and runtime compared to its predecessor model - without consuming more energy! The variable speed inverter compressor allows for excellent cooling and operates both quietly and efficiently.

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