Dometic AirFrame

Our groundbreaking innovation has revolutionised touring

The patented AirFrame technology in Dometic inflatable awnings and camping tents will transform your vacation. We’ve two systems to suit the different awning and tent designs in the range. Our Single Point Inflation system sees conventional steel and fibreglass poles replaced with interlinked inflatable AirPoles. This unique Dometic system enables you to inflate the entire caravan and motorhome awnings from a single point and the AirFrame is always attached to the awning for a quick and easy setup.

The second Dometic system, Multi Point Inflation, has been developed for drive-away awnings and camping tents and utilises separate inflatable AirPoles. This reliable AirFrame system uses multiple inflation and deflation points for the most straightforward, time-saving awning set-up and takedown. Not only is the AirFrame extremely strong, it can flex in the wind too, meaning you’ll never break or bend a pole – a pain any experienced camper knows! Additionally, with no metal or fibreglass poles there’s nothing to damage your motorhome, as the AirPoles simply rest against your vehicle with no other attachment needed.

Each tent and awning is supplied with a manual hand pump, or for maximum convenience, simply plug in the optional Gale electric pump.


Inflatable Awning Technology by Dometic

Patented AirFame technology sees a conventional steel and fibreglass frame replaced with interlinked inflatable AirPoles, enabling you to easily inflate and deflate the awning in no time at all.

Single Point Inflation

Individual AirPoles are linked together allowing the entire awning to be inflated from a single external inflation point. The entire AirFrame is easily deflated through quick release deflation valves at the base of each leg; as each AirPole is connected there is no need to deflate each AirPole individually. So, as well as being the easiest awnings to set-up, the user-friendly Dometic awnings are also the easiest to take down.
Kampa Single Point Inflation

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Reliable Technology

Our AirFrame is incredibly durable. Each pole is made of strong TPU inflation tube that is zipped into a tough reinforced PE cover; this is then zipped into a heavy duty polyester sleeve in the awning. Tested up to 22 psi, the AirFrame system best functions when inflated to 9 psi.

Dometic AirPoles are well protected and require no maintenance. Inflatable awnings are considerably lighter, and with no poles to snap, the AirFrame is also far more durable than conventional poles. Suitable for both hot and cool climates, the AirFrame can even handle extreme changes in temperature.

Rapid deflation

Rapid Deflation

External deflation valves release air quickly for the fastest awning takedown.
Single point inflation

Single point inflation

Unique single point inflation awning design offers the simplest setup.
AirFrame Technology

AirFrame Technology

Patented AirFrame technology ensures the most durable and reliable function.

Multi Point Inflation

Each AirPole is made of a strong TPU inflation tube that is zipped into a tough reinforced polyester cover. This is then zipped into a heavy-duty polyester sleeve in the awning or tent. The result is an extremely well protected, durable AirFrame which requires no maintenance. Multi Point Inflation awnings and tents are inflated one AirPole at a time via external inflation points, which double as deflation points.
Multi Point inflation

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Multi point inflation

Multi point inflation

Tried and tested multi point inflation technology for a simple setup.
AirFrame Design

AirFrame Design

Innovative AirFrame designs support our awnings and camping tents.

Performance in Wind

Tough, high pressure AirPoles ensure reliable performance in adverse conditions.
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