Reliable Cooling

Dometic CFF 45
Portable fridge or freezer, 62 cans

Dometic’s versatile addition to the portable powered cooler range comes with a stylish design, a double hinged lid and is complemented by an efficient interior storage layout that will suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The generous insulation built in to the CFF 45 ensures excellent cooling performance.
  • Easy Access
    Dual opening lid
  • Energy efficient
    Excellent cooling
  • Flexible
    Refrigerate or freeze : 9600026650 (CFF-45ACDC-W40-B) Visit support page + FAQ

Portability meets excellent cooling performance

Weighing in at under 19 kg, the CFF 45 stretches every one of its 43.5 l of volume – resulting in one of Dometic’s most economical portable fridge/freezers yet. The interior storage allocation is at the forefront of the Dometic CFF 45’s design, with the result providing a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the interior. This, coupled with the generous insulation results in moderate power draw from the battery, making the Dometic CFF 45 a great choice for adventurers truly living mobile.
  • Double-sided opening lid
  • User-friendly lid hinge design
  • Fits standard 1.5 l bottles upright
Portability meets excellent cooling performance
Double-Sided Opening Lid
Double-Sided Opening Lid

Easy access from either side

Spacious and Flexible Storage
Spacious and Flexible Storage

Full-sized basket and removable divider

Strong Handles
Strong Handles

Glass-filled nylon and steel handles for convenient carrying

Dimmable LED Screen
Dimmable LED Screen

Displays cooling temperatue in any ambient light

LED light
LED light

Energy efficient LED interior light

Dual power
Dual power

AC and DC ports to power the unit

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Dometic CFF 45
...and more
    • 43.5 l of storage for convenient cooling
    • Double sided lid for user-friendly opening
    • Energy efficient design provides fast and excellent cooling and freezing, even in extremely high outside temperatures
    • Single compartment allows either refrigeration or freezing
    • Can be set between 10°C and -18°C, with the ability to run at -18°C up to 50°C below ambient temperature
    • Robust and compact design ensures excellent portability
    • Optimised footprint allows it to be used with the CFX-SLD35/40 fridge slide
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Innovative reversible lid opening

The CFF 45 provides the essentials; serious spacious storage combined with impeccable insulation, topped off with an attractive design. Dometic has designed the CFF 45 so that it contains the most efficient interior storage layout, along with an innovative double-sided opening lid; allowing access from either side which is convenient in the constraint square metres of your RV or boat. This 18.6 kg construction really does demonstrate what happens when portability meets excellent cooling performance. Adventurers will love the new glass filled nylon and steel handles, making for a comfortable and reliable use first time, every time.

Innovative reversible lid opening

Embrace the optimized space

The Dometic CFF 45 features a double-sided opening lid, which makes it a versatile portable cooler or freezer that is user friendly, robust and easy to carry. It comes with a digital electronic control system and can keep its interior as low as –18 °C. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between running the CFF 45 as a refrigerator or a freezer, removing the boundaries when it comes to deciding what to pack for a trip. The CFF range was designed for a more effective use of storage space and temperature distribution, while the generous insulation helps to optimize cooling performance and energy efficiency. The CFF line is a perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast to upgrade from a traditional ice chest.


SKU number 9600026650 
Model CFF45 
Scope of delivery 1 cooler, 1 DC connection cable, 1 AC connection cable, 2 carry handle, 1 manual 
Single or Dual Zone Single 
Product Description Portable fridge or freezer, 62 cans 
Refrigeration technology Compressor 
Dimensions product depth 715 mm
Dimensions product height 475 mm
Dimensions product width 398 mm
Net weight 18.60 kg
Gross volume 44.00 l
Storage volume - total 44.00 l
Input voltage (AC) 100-240 V
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
Rated input current (AC) 0.4A at 240V AC A
Rated input current (DC) 8.6A at 12V DC, 3.8A at 24V DC A
Rated input power (AC) 96 W
Rated input power (DC) 103 W
Input frequency 50 Hz
Refrigerant, type R134a 
Refrigerant amount 43 g
Energy Consumption 12 V DC (Internal @ 4 C, Ambient @ 32 C) 1.07 Ah/h
Climate class (EN62552)
Insulation Type PU (Polyurethane)  
Colour Grey 
USB Port N/A 
Basket Yes 
Threaded inserts in base for mounting No 
Drain plug No 
Interior light Yes 
Certificates E4 
EAN-13 NA 
Dimensions parcel depth 625 mm
Dimensions parcel height 515 mm
Dimensions parcel width 433 mm
Parcel weight 21.4 kg