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Rear View Cameras for RV & Truck

Rear View Cameras
Blind Spot Assistant System

Professional solution with easy installation

Blind Spot Assistant System
The BVS 71000 is a blind spot camera assistant system for trucks and busses including the CAM1000 (BSC01) camera with an intelligent object detection feature where only moving objects are detected. The driver receives a visual and acoustic alert in critical situations to avoid heavy accidents with cyclists and pedestrians. The assistant system allows a full video picture during normal drive.

Reversing cameras: extra eyes for better vision

Regardless of what you are driving – a motorhome, van or truck – drive with peace of mind. PerfectView cameras keep a watchful eye on what is happening around your vehicle. There’s a perfect model for every demand: standard or heavy-duty, with one or two eyes, or as a custom fit for tricky mounting conditions. Enjoy clear pictures day and night, on cold winter days and in the summer sun.

  • Housing with nearly invisible guidance of cable
  • Separate infrared LEDs for optimal night-time vision
  • Temperature-controlled heater for cold climate use
  • Integrated microphone
  • Normal or mirrored picture function
  • Protection class: IP 69K
  • Prepared for connection to navigation systems

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