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A safe and secure place for valuables

Providing a secure place for valuables, the Advanced series safe gives hotel guests peace of mind while travelling. With quality at its core, we have designed a wide range of safes with different features. All models come with battery warning, master code and master key emergency opening. For hotel security, the Advanced series safe is an essential element that both you and your guests can rely on.

Tough, user-friendly safe that offers good value for money

Providing a secure place for valuables, the Standard Class safes give guests peace of mind while travelling. Robustly made with user-friendly operation features, these safes are the reliable room security option, and at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Capacity of 31.5 l to store 17” laptops and other valuables
  • Secure-locking door with two 19 mm pivots and extremely small clearance between the door and casing
  • Elegant design blends with every hotel room interior

  • Enough room to fit laptop computers and tablets
  • Equipped with LED interior light
  • Secure and fast opening when guest is facing opening problems
  • Left and right hinge version available
  • Fixing kit (option)

  • ADA-compliant digital keypad with LED display
  • Laptop compatible up to 15 in.
  • Convenient and reassuring lock confirmation buzzer
  • Inside cabinet
  • Stabilizer arm for smooth opening and closing of door
  • Reprogrammable configuration; four-digit guest code
  • Motorized locking system with automatic opening, spring-loaded door

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