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Wine Coolers

Dometic’s high-performance wine cellars have been designed to suit the needs of the food and beverage industry and the heavy duty use they regularly receive. Red, rosé, white and sparkling wines each have their own optimum temperature, both before and after serving. This means that an ordinary refrigerator simply isn’t up to the task. Hotels and restauranteurs trust Dometic to keep wines ready for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Dometic Wine Refrigerators

Wine connoisseurs understand that the unique and subtle qualities of their favorite wines are best preserved in an optimized refrigerated wine cabinet. This means that the qualities of the wine cooler is incredibly important.

How to select the perfect wine refrigerator?

The system must be capable of protecting valuable wines from the effects of ultra-violet rays, extreme outdoor temperatures and humidity changes. There are many other factors that will also play a role in the selection process. Shape and size determine the number of bottles the unit can store, for example. The perfect wine cabinet will most likely be a freestanding unit, which can easily be installed into any space.

The dimensions of the unit will affect the placement of the wine cabinet as well as the number of bottles that can be stored. Wine clubs will often offer discounts for customers who invest in buying a larger quantity than normal. However, keeping these wines in their shipping case is never practical. Storing them in the kitchen is also an undesirable solution. This is especially true for fine wines that might depreciate when exposed to the wrong type of environment. This could result in a significant reduction in the quality of the flavor.

Why invest in a wine refrigerator?

Fine wines have gone through an extensive cultivation process in order to arrive at their signature flavors. Preserving the quality of the wine is incredibly important because this is the desired experience, which is also a major part of so many celebrations or special occasions. Heat, humidity and extreme cold can all play a role in affecting the quality of the vintage. Flavor, tannin and finish are integral to the wine tasting experience, and any reduction in these qualities will diminish the enjoyment of the vintage.

What is the purpose of the carbon filter system in wine cabinets?

Carbon filtration systems function as a barrier against odors. They also prevent the cork from being permeated, which ruins the wine’s integrity. Replacement filters are usually sold separately, and it is important to replace them at correct intervals to maintain the system’s performance.

Why do wine cabinets have different temperature zones?

It is beneficial to have two temperature zones if you plan to serve wines at a different temperature than the ideal range for storage purposes.

What kind of customers benefit from obtaining a quality wine cabinet?

Restaurants, hotels and catering services are the main customers of these efficient wine storage systems. However, they can be used by anyone in the home.

Why is Dometic the best wine refrigerator supplier?

Ideal storage systems for wine include a variety of features meant to preserve the best qualities in the wine. For example, Domestic wine cabinets feature two zones that allow the storage temperature to be set in a different range than the serving temperature. The interior lights are lit with LED bulbs, which provide a sleek look while maintaining consistent visibility. Certain models have temperature adjustment settings that can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and the bottle capacity ranges from 17 bottles to almost 200 on different models. This provides all the options for anyone interested in the best refrigerated wine cabinet.