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If you are transporting vaccines, medicines and other highly temperature-sensitive cargo, our cooling (and freezing) containers provide a dependable solution – in full compliance with the strictest legal requirements. Available in a practical front loading design, and equipped with pallet feet and s...

Temperature-controlled medicine transport according to the GDP directive

Medicines, vaccines and other critical items must be transported and stored at a constant temperature in accordance with the international GDP (Good Distribution Practice) directive, without breaking the cold chain – from collection all the way to the pharmacy refrigerator.

Dometic coolers, medicine transport containers and refrigerators cool the cargo to the set temperature and can be used for heating if necessary. What’s more, an optional data logger allows you to easily document set temperature maintenance – meeting GDP directives at all times.


Do you transport lab samples, vaccines or other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products? Dometic’s new cooling containers are in compliance with the strictest pharmaceutical cooling requirements of the GDP directive. They come in a practical front-loading design in three different sizes. The temperature is factory-set to a standard +4°C.

Practical features such as smooth-running sliding doors, pallet feet and transport castors (accessories) ensure easy handling before, during and after transportation.

The optional battery set can retain the set temperature for up to 8 hours without an external power supply.

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Coolers for medicine transport

When transporting medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive items, correct storage at a constant temperature is vital. We are happy to customize a transport cooler to your requirements. The temperature is factory set and maintained to within ±2°C.

Even greater precision can be achieved, if necessary. We can pre-set two fixed temperatures or leave the temperature adjustment to you. We can also install a heater for additional security as well as equip the cooler with a data memory. This way, there’s no disputing that the required temperature has been maintained during transport.

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Built-in solution for medicine transport in emergency vehicles

Stainless-steel built-in cabinets with compressor cooling or heating

Cooling or heating with ± 1°C accuracy, Dometic’s innovative generation of pharmaceutical refrigerator and warmer cabinets is specifically designed for use in emergency vehicles. The interior temperature is limited at +5°C or +37°C (±1°C), respectively. This, combined with a host of smart details, qualifies the cabinets for other applications too.


Thermoelectric built-in cooler

Sensitive freight on board. Temperature in the safe range.

Compact, low cost, safe. The Dometic thermoelectric cooler is limited to +5°C by an electric circuit which makes it suitable for transport of temperature-sensitive items.
Reliable down to 20°C below the ambient temperature. In ambulances, the small 2.5-liter unit fits easily into the drawer where it can be permanently wired to prevent theft.


Ideal for the safe storage of vaccines, insulin and other heat- sensitive drugs (+2°C to +8°C). You can choose between different cooling techniques and features:

  • DS series with silent absorption cooling – for normal ambient temperatures
  • HC series with energy-efficient compressor technology – also for high ambient ones
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Made of stainless steel, and delivering cooling or heating accuracy to within ± 1°C, these built-in pharmaceutical refrigerator and warmer cabinets are specially designed for emergency vehicles and laboratory transports. The interior temperature is limited to +5°C or +37°C, respectively.

Compact, low cost, safe – the temperature inside the thermoelectric cooler is limited to +5°C by an electric circuit, which makes it suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. It offers reliable cooling down to 20°C below the ambient temperature. In ambulances, the small 2.5-liter unit fits easily into the drawer, where it can be permanently wired to prevent theft.

Two customized solutions for veterinary vehicles: the factory pre-set fixed point temperature of +5°C is reliably maintained with an accuracy of ±1°C. This allows you to transport medicines, vaccines, semen doses and other heat-sensitive preparations without any loss of quality. Or confidence.

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