Dometic MCGX CW Module
Chilled Water Module Titanium from 24,000 to 180,000 BTU/h

Dometic MCGX modular chillers use titanium condensers to greatly increase durability and product lifespan. Titanium is unaffected by the punishing combination of saltwater, invasive marine life, and the harsh acids used for routine cleaning of the condenser coil. Titanium extends service life and is unaffected by the corrosion and erosion of the harsh marine environment.
Capacity (BTU/h)
Item Description
MCGX120 4663
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Dometic MCGX CW Module
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    • Available in 230V 50 Hz, 230V 60Hz, 400V 50Hz 3PH, 400V 60 Hz 3 PH
    • Titanium condenser dramatically increases product lifespan
    • Up to six modules can be staged
    • Hermetically sealed and pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant
    • Features freeze controls, high-limit switches, high and low aquastats and timers
    • Unaffected by vibration, moisture or ambient temperatures up to 140 °F/60 °C
    • Monitored and protected by Dometic’s exclusive Digital Diagnostic Controller (DDC)

Compact Base & Titanium Durability

Featuring a compact base design, these modules can be staged to provide a larger system which is easily retrofitted and staged in the field. Unaffected by vibration, moisture or ambient temperatures up to 140 °F/60 °C, these condensing units can be installed in any convenient location.


SKU number 9108893725 
Model Chiller Cond MCG Modular 
Model on label MCGX120 4663 
Product Description Chilled Water Module Titanium from 24,000 to 180,000 BTU/h 
Dimensions product depth 789.94 mm
Dimensions product height 960.12 mm
Dimensions product width 441.96 mm
Net weight 161.48 kg
Input voltage (AC) 400 V
Input frequency 60 Hz
Starting current - max 142.00 A
Required AC circuit protection min 29.00 A
Required AC circuit protection max 50.00 A
Refrigerant, type R410A 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 2088 
Refrigerant amount 2608 g
CO2 equivalent 5,446 t
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 35168.53 W
Current consumption min cooling 12.40 A
Current consumption max cooling 12.40 A
Current consumption min heating 15.30 A
Current consumption max heating 15.30 A
EAN-13 7315091242349 
Dimensions parcel depth 1933.45 mm
Dimensions parcel height 1196.85 mm
Dimensions parcel width 1219.2 mm
Parcel weight 208.88 kg