Dometic 9100 Manual Standard Hardware
9100 Manual Awning Hardware - Standard

Simple operation, elegant design and technical superiority are key attributes of the Sunchaser Express Standard Hardware Kit.
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Manual operation
Drive Type
Length (mm)
Fabric Type
Fabric Color
WeatherShield Color
Hardware Color
WeatherShield Type
End Cap Color
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Dometic 9100 Manual Standard Hardware
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    • Suitable for 9100 manual awnings
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Modernly convenient design

The Perfect Combination of Design, Technology and Simple Installation

Simple operation, elegant design and technical superiority are key attributes of the Dometic Sunchaser Express RV Awning Basement Hardware Kit. We’ve eliminated 80 percent of the steps required by traditional patio awnings. That, combined with exceptionally strong hardware and vibrant fabric colors, makes the Dometic Sunchaser Express a terrific choice for any RV. Dometic’s RV awning hardware carries weight loads better and more evenly than other hardware. Metal weathershield option provides ultimate protection for the awning. Monochromatic, rounded hardware arms are fashionable yet tough enough to resist bowing and warping.


SKU number 9108693300 
Model on label 8942002.400B 
Product Description 9100 Manual Awning Hardware - Standard 
Dimensions product depth 76.20 mm
Dimensions product height 1676.40 mm
Dimensions product width 63.50 mm
Net weight 9.53 kg
Color Polar 
Drive assembly operation type Manual 
EAN-13 0713814232139 
Dimensions parcel depth 1879.60 mm
Dimensions parcel height 80.77 mm
Dimensions parcel width 209.55 mm
Parcel weight 9.98 kg