Dometic Oasis II Door Awning
Manual Door Awning

The Dometic Oasis Manual Door Awning extends with an easy-operating hand crank.
  • Easy to install
  • Protects
  • Highly durable
Dimensions product width
Cloth color
Fabric type : 9108679853 Visit support page + FAQ
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Dometic Oasis II Door Awning
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    • 48' or 56' from end of case to end of case, both manual and electric
    • Comes in manual or automatic
    • Six woven acrylic colors or white vinyl
    • All-metal case: 3"D x 5"W, 34" Extension
    • Multiple colors to choose from
    • Choose from acrylic or vinyl fabric
    • Protection for your RV entry way

Protect your RV entrance

The Dometic Oasis Elite Manual Door Awning extends with an easy-operating hand crank. There are multiple colors available for your to choose from that will match virtually any RV or motorhome. The canopy comes in a variety of sizes and fabrics like acrylic or vinyl.


SKU number 9108679853 
Model 975 
Model on label 975DA48.110B 
Product Description Manual Door Awning 
Projection 1197 mm
Dimensions product depth 101.60 mm
Dimensions product height 152.40 mm
Dimensions product width 1219.20 mm
Net weight 9.07 kg
Color Polar 
Cloth color Burgundy 
Fabric type Acrylic 
Drive assembly operation type Manual 
Dimensions parcel depth 1530.35 mm
Dimensions parcel height 139.70 mm
Dimensions parcel width 190.50 mm
Parcel weight 10.43 kg