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RV Window Awnings

RV Window Awnings
Elite Window Awning

Boost your indoor comfort

The Elite Window Awning shields your RV window from sunlight and natural debris. Enhance your comfort by keeping the sun out of your eyes and lowering the internal temperature of you RV.

  • Use with window height under 30"
  • Easy to use strap
  • Setup takes less than 10 seconds
  • Rich, vibrant color patterns, top and bottom
  • Hardware sold separately

  • Use with window height under 30"
  • Easy to use strap
  • Setup takes less than 10 seconds
  • Rich, vibrant color patterns, top and bottom
  • Hardware sold separately
Deluxe Window Awning

Stay cool indoors

The Deluxe Window Awning conveniently shades your RV window from the sun and natural debris. Enjoy cool comfort in the area near the window.

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How To Select the Perfect RV Window Awning

When you travel in a mobile home or RV, you may camp in the same location for one night, one week or even one month. In order to make the most of your time at a campsite, it helps to have quality window awnings. Our RV window awnings are sold in over 100 markets. We proudly create durable and stylish awnings that are made to last and provide you with excellent value.

Consider the Basics

When you are looking for new or replacement mobile home window awnings, there are a few things to keep in mind. You do not want to waste your time with a complicated setup, so a fast and easy process is important. The awning should also provide shade to the full length of your RV windows. A quality awning offers resistance to all elements. Dometic manufactures awnings in a range of colors and materials to coordinate with your RV or suit your style preferences.

Types of RV Window Awnings

You are free to choose between our elite or deluxe , both of which extend outward from the RV. Metal supports are used to hold them in place to shield your RV from sunlight and natural debris.

Perfect Fit - Colors and Sizes

Dometic’’s RV window awning s range in size from 48 to 60 inches wide and up to 48 inches tall. They accommodate RV windows up to 30 inches in length. The vinyl or acrylic fabrics come in a range of colors and patterns. Some of the color options include blue, maroon and pure white. The hardware, which is sold separately, is available in silver, gray, black, and white.

More Options - Material Matters

Select the material of your RVs window awning depending on your favorite travel destination and its climate. Dometic provides awnings made of vinyl or acrylic fabric. The vinyl offers flexibility and resistance to tearing from wind while the acrylic offers enhanced insulation and resistance to moisture. The wraps are available in vinyl or metal. Both of these materials are designed for rust and corrosion resistance.

High-quality RV Window Awnings

Our RV window awnings are made for long lasting wear and tear while your RV is on the road. Superb workmanship and quality materials are the hallmarks of Dometic products. Your travels will be more comfortable when you use our awnings for your RV’s windows.

Cooling Functions

When the awning is set up, it will help keep the interior coach cooler. On a hot, sunny day when your mobile home is in direct sunlight, setting up the RV window awnings could lower the interior temperature of the coach by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This increases your comfort and reduces the workload on the air conditioner.

How Long Does the Window Awnings Setup Take?

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable. Wenot only focus on high-quality, but also on easy set up. The setup takes less than 10 seconds per awning. This allows you to quickly install a window awning on every window on your RV or mobile home.

Can You Wash the Window Awnings ?

The durable RV window awnings can be washed with warm water and a mild detergent. We recommend using a gentle biodegradable detergent such as dish soap. If you take your RV or mobile home through a car wash, remove the window awnings first.

Do the RV Window Awning s Resist Exposure to the Elements?

Dometic awnings retain their vibrant color even if you park your RV outside throughout the summer in direct sunlight. We use state-of-the-art engineering on the awnings thatalso allows them to resist high winds. The awnings can also withstand bird droppings, dust, dirt, and insects.