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From chilled beverages on lazy lake days to fresh food on the most epic off-grid adventures, an electric cooler reimagines an essential camping companion: No ice needed. More space and consistent temperature for the eggs, the beer, and the extra bacon in the CFX. Reliability and efficiency — without...
Upgrade your fishing trip with a rugged, reliable cooler
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CFX3 Series

The ultimate powered coolers that allow you to experience more

CFX Series

The compact powered coolers for every adventure


A versatile companion for life’s great adventures


Extremely compact and lightweight portable fridge and freezers that can go anywhere


The compact CF Series that can go anywhere


Extremely compact and lightweight portable fridge and freezers that can go anywhere


High-tech food cooler and warmer


The two-in-one cooler for cooling and heating


The cool performer for life’s big adventures

CC Series

Durable, energy efficient, with high cooling performance


Providing the height of cool on the move


Providing the height of cool on the move


Electric or gas powered, the R Series coolers are made for cool campers

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From thermoelectric coolers to a compressor box, 12V car coolers to outdoor coolers – your cooler is as individual as you are! In order to find the best cooler for you, your car and your everyday traveling needs, here are some key things to consider before purchasing a portable cooler

What to think of when buying a powered cooler

The most common cooling technologies are compressor coolers, thermoelectric coolers and absorption coolers. Compressor coolers are very powerful and can provide an excellent cooling performance, even at extremely high ambient temperatures. Thermoelectric coolers are lightweight and not only cool – they can heat too! Absorption coolers operate on gas power and work wherever you are, independently of the availability of electricity

Portable Fridge or Portable Freezer?

An important aspect to consider is whether you need a cooler that keeps, cools or freezes. A compressor box has the power to freeze regardless of the ambient temperature, while an absorption cooler can cool contents depending on the ambient temperature. A thermoelectric cooler keeps contents cool, rather than cools them itself. It’s therefore necessary to pre-cool items before placing them inside a thermoelectric cooler

Electric coolers – Compressor or Thermoelectric?

Pick an electric cooler according to the ambient temperature. If you want to be able to keep your ice cream frozen in extreme heat, you should look into a compressor cooler. If you are looking for an electric cooler for use in cooler climates, a thermoelectric cooler that cools up to 20°C (68°F) below the ambient temperature should be sufficient.

The best 12V car cooler

A 12V electric car cooler is engineered to run on the 12V cigarette lighter plug during your road trip to keep food and beverages cold or warm. It’s designed to be used while traveling and can easily fit in your car. The best electric cooler for your car trip is a thermoelectric cooler. With a thermoelectric car cooler you can bring along snacks, food and drinks from home instead of buying them on the road. It is lightweight and has a large storage volume while being small and space-saving compared to other electric coolers. A 12V cooler is the ideal product for car traveling to save you time and money. We have 12V coolers, including thermoelectric coolers, in a wide range of sizes and prices

What is a compressor cooler?

The compressor cooler maintains cold or freezing temperatures inside, even on the hottest days. This electric cooler is ideal for mobile use, in your RV, your boat trip and even for barbecues at home, where a compressor cooler can be connected to household electricity and provide temporary additional storage for food and beverages. An advantage of compressor coolers over other types of electrical coolers is that they offer more than portable refrigeration alone, they can also operate as a portable freezer! Deep-freeze using 12/24V DC and 100–250 volts AC – compressor coolers are even solar compatible! As one of the most high-tech electric coolers on the market, our CFX range can be temperature controlled via its Wi-Fi app

Finding the right outdoor cooler!

If you are unsure about which is the best cooler for your needs – whether you need a cooler for fishing trips, camping trips, boating trips or for tailgate parties – you can look at reviews and testimonials on all our coolers to help you make the right choice!