Compressor coolers for Food Transport

Compressor refrigeration and deep-freeze coolers with factory preset fixed temperature and customer-specific accessories
Compressor coolers
PLB series

For the most remote expeditions

PLB series
Keep your food and beverages fresh in your powered cooler, your mobile devices charged or the lights on for longer. From camping trips to the most rugged expeditions, the portable battery pack keeps your gear charged for any adventure. Ideal for use with powered coolers - it can power a Dometic CFX 40W cooler for up to 40 hours on a single charge.
  • Enables you to travel off-grid for longer
  • Three-way charging via 12 V socket, solar panel or AC mains power
  • Extremely lightweight, ergonomically designed stainless steel carry-handle
  • Built-in LCD screen displays: capacity, charging status and output
  • Specifically designed for Dometic CFX and other portable coolboxes
  • Powerful battery cells provide 512 Wh of energy, 40 Ah
  • Can power a Dometic CFX 40W portable coolbox for up to 40 hours on a single charge


Specifically designed to maximise functionality, these accessories are a must for owners of CFX portable fridge/freezers. The range includes protective covers to keep the fridge/freezers insulated and improve efficiency, fixing kits to secure the units in vehicles, and fridge slides to allow easy access.
  • Quick release mechanism for easy removal of cooler
  • Easily place your cooler in a secure position
  • No extra tools required

Accessories for coolers and refrigerators - cooling without compromise

No need to accept any restrictions in the use of your cooling box, even if you have a simple or older make. CoolPower accessories give you plenty of flexibility. You can run a 12-volt device from a 24-volt battery, or from a mains supply in your holiday home. You can also connect a clever device to prevent excessive battery drainage.
  • Connects 12 V thermoelectric cooling boxes to the 230 V mains socket
  • Connects 24 V DC cooling boxes to the mains power socket
  • Works well anywhere in the world
  • Suitable for fixed installation
  • With mains priority circuit for 12 or 24 V batteries

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