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Dometic Water Tank

Water tank for wine fridges

This water tank maintains a stable and well-balanced humidity level inside your wine fridge. Protecting the cork from drying out and preventing mould formation, it creates a perfect climate for wine storage and ageing.

Art nr: 9600028376

Maintains stable humidity level – ideal for wine storage and ageing

Perfectly fits to the rack of Dometic wine fridges for a firm hold

Keeps wine corks tight and prevents mould formation

Optional accessory for Dometic wine fridges B29G and B68G

Included in the delivery kit of most Dometic wine fridge models

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Water Tank

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Water tank for wine fridges

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Ensure perfect conditions for your fine wines

Ensure perfect conditions for your fine wines

When stored, wines need a well-balanced and stable humidity level. Values between 60 % and 85 % are considered ideal. If humidity levels are significantly lower, moisture evaporates through the cork. The cork dries out, becomes permeable and can no longer protect the wine from oxygen penetration. If humidity levels are too high, there is a danger that mould will form on the cork. Dometic wine fridges provide perfect climatic conditions for wine storage and ageing. Our high-end wine cabinets in the Design Range come standard with a water tank for a stable humidity level. Models lacking this feature can be upgraded, if and as required.

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