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Business Areas

Business Areas

Dometic’s operations are divided into five business areas: RV, CPV, Marine, Retail and Lodging.

We distribute our products in two sales channels: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Aftermarket (AM). RV, CPV and Marine sell products in both the OEM and AM channels, whereas Retail and Lodging sell through the AM channel.


Recreational Vehicles (RV)

Dometic manufactures and distributes innovative, high quality recreational vehicle (RV) products designed with comfort in mind. The development and design of new products are often conducted in close cooperation with manufacturers of RVs (OEM customers) who require tailor-made products. Dometic also has an aftermarket distribution network that includes RV equipment dealers and distributors. In total, there are approximately 12,000 partners in the international market.


Commercial & Passenger Vehicles (CPV)

Dometic offers standard and customized products for commercial vehicles (trucks) and passenger vehicles, delivering to the major manufacturers of cars, trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles. Dometic is one of the leading suppliers of comfort products to the commercial and passenger vehicles segment. We focus on reliability and after-sales support, and offer a wide range of products.



Dometic's Marine business area supplies systems and equipment for all kinds of boats. Dometic enjoys a strong position in the global market when it comes to marine products such as air-conditioning systems. We provide systems and equipment for pleasure boats of all types and sizes, ranging from weekend pleasure crafts to work boats and large yachts.


Retail and Lodging

In addition to our RV, CPV and Marine businesses we provide solutions for other product groups. Our Retail business offers a wide range of specialized comfort products such as cooling boxes, where we are the world leading manufacturer of all three cooling techniques (absorption, DC compressor and thermoelectric). The Lodging business primarily sells compact refrigerators for in-room installation in hotels or in cruise line cabins.

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