Refrigerated food transportation

If you are transporting perishable goods that can ruin easily, our cooling (and freezing) containers provide a dependable solution. Available in six versions, front or top loading, and equipped with pallet feet and sliding doors, they are easy to handle before, during and after transportation. An op...
Dometic Frigo Food Transport

HACCP – Dometic closes the cold chain

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, a binding quality management system for food. Critical limits are determined for every point in the supply chain and compliance is continuously monitored and documented.

Dometic coolers, transport containers and medicine refrigerators cool the cargo to the set temperature and can be used for heating if necessary. What’s more, an optional data logger allows you to easily document set temperature maintenance.

Food Transport Chest freezer

Do you transport fresh or perishable foods? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our cooling containers meet every cold chain requirement. They come in six versions – as front loader or top loader, each in three sizes. For all front loaders, the temperature is set to +4°C. For the frozen-grade versions, you have a choice of two fixed temperatures using a changeover key: +4°C or –18°C.

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Practical features like smooth sliding doors, pallet feet and transport rollers (accessories) ensure comfortable handling at all times.

With the optional battery set the set temperature is maintained for up to 8 hours without an external power supply.

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Coolers for food transports

“Cool” is a relative term. Depending on the outdoor temperature and the type of food transported, a temperature range of -22 °C to +65 °C can be covered. In each case, the same rule applies – correct storage at a constant temperature is key. Dometic is happy to customize a cooler to your specifications. The temperature is factory-set and maintained to within ±2 °C.
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Even greater precision can be achieved if required. We can pre-set two temperature values or leave you to adjust it. We can also install a heater for additional security as well as equip the cooler with a data memory. This way, there’s no disputing that the required temperature has been maintained during transport.

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Dometic Frigo

Integrated food transporter cooling solutions

Transportation of fresh and temperature-sensitive food is subject to strict legislation. The shipper is responsible for maintaining an unbroken cold chain on the way to the customer. No problem – the integrated Dometic Frigo cooling equipment is one hundred percent reliable. It is ATP-tested and certified in accordance with DIN 8958.

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Dometic Frigo

Insulated coolers for food transportation

Hot outside temperatures, bumpy transport, frequent opening and closing, packing and stacking – Dometic Cool-Ice boxes are built to take it. Solid workmanship and an array of smart features make our units ideal for professional use in the food service industry. Equipped with ice or freezer packs, we keep foodstuffs fresh over the long haul. To our insulated coolers for food transportation
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