How do I repair a small hole, cut or tear in my awning fabric?

Kampa Dometic repair products can be used to fix, restore and seal small areas on almost all parts of a tent or awning. 

Kampa Dometic Tent & Awning Repair Kit (CA9015) can be used to repair the following areas: 

  • Fabric side panels
  • PVC windows
  • Mesh panels
  • Fabric roof panels
  • AirPoles

Repair Solution (CA9011) can be used to repair the following areas:

  • Small holes up to 2.5mm 
  • Larger holes with a backing of repair tape (the tape can be removed once the solution dries)
  • Loose stitching
  • Seams, in cases where the PVC tape has come loose
  • Gluing material patches to panels

These products can also be purchased separately; however, it is always handy to a pack of these should your tent or awning get damaged whilst away from home.