Refrigerated vehicle systems

Transportation of fresh and temperature-sensitive food is subject to strict legislation. The shipper is responsible for maintaining an unbroken cold chain on the way to the customer. No problem – the integrated Dometic Frigo cooling equipment is one hundred percent reliable. It is ATP-tested and cer...
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Frigo DC

Fully integrated cooling: smarter, space-saving and energy-efficient

Frigo Evaporator

Convenient cooling without obstacles

Frigo Condenser

High-performance and space-saving Frigo condensers

Frigo Stationary Cooling

Conveniently pre-cool on mains power for maximum efficiency

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What are the Benefits of Dometic’s Transport Fridges?

Our transport refrigeration units are specifically designed to solve the most common spatial problems while providing a series of useful features. The cooling system in our Frigo DC 3500 model is an independent kit that fits inside the spare wheel compartment, for example. The mounting design for the evaporator avoids the need for a roof cut-out, which presents potential road hazards when travelling under low bridges. Enjoy the benefits of an optimal-performance lorry refrigeration unit with a long life-cycle, low maintenance schedule and an energy conserving engineering design.

Where to Install Your Transport Refrigeration

Our units are designed to keep cool temperatures by using smarter designs and mounting systems. This is ideal for modern vans, which typically have smaller engine compartments than the older models. The Dometic condenser and compressor fits within the spare wheel compartment, which is located beneath the vehicle.

No Need for a Roof Mount or Special Cut-outs

The Dometic evaporator fits on the ceiling area inside of the cargo space. It is a fully integrated system designed specifically for the spatial limitations within transport vehicles. There is no roof mounting device needed, and the light weight of the unit ensures a stable centre of balance for the vehicle. Older cooling systems could shift this balance point as well as create hazards when protruding from a roof-cut-out installation.

Save Energy and Extend the Life of Your Cooling System

Our innovative transport refrigeration units truly capture the expertise of Dometic’s system designers in both form and function. For example, the compressor performance is automatically reduced when the available voltage is lower than required, and this limits the drain on the vehicle’s battery. It is an energy-saving feature that also extends the total service life of the unit.

Why Does Dometic offer the Best Solution for Transport Cooling?

The Dometic transport refrigeration systems offer an entire package of features that make it the best supplier in the transport refrigeration market. For example, the lorry refrigeration unit is around 40 percent lighter than similar transporter cooling systems offered by competitors. Dometic transporter cooling systems offer automatic petrol defrosting every two hours, which reduces the need to monitor this function. Service lights indicate that a maintenance check is due, and this will prolong the lifespan of the lorry refrigeration unit.

Buyers benefit from a range of additional features that were added to optimise your experience while limiting any hassles. For example, the control panel is a convenient addition that allows you to quickly make adjustments as needed. Minimise excess discharges from the battery with the smart derating function. It is a part of the variable speed inverter, which is a major innovation offered only through Dometic’s transporter cooling systems.