Mobile living made easy.

Why we exist

Millions of people around the world buy and use Dometic products. They’re motorhome users, boat owners, truck drivers, campers, outdoor people. All part of a growing movement – a longing for freedom and adventure, a desire to explore the world and to stay away for extended periods of time. We call it mobile living. Our mission is to make mobile living easy.

To our way of thinking, it should be easy to live well even though you are far from home, perhaps far from anything you would normally call civilisation. It should be easy to call the whole world home. Our job is to satisfy our customers’ essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. To support them, we offer smart and reliable products with outstanding design.

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That job is to make mobile living easy.

Our World
Our customers are all over the world. So are we.
Because we have operations all over the world, the easiest way for us to check if a product works is to just step outside the office.
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Their Stories

The Truth about Mobile Living


Even Einstein thought we were cool

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters are two young Swedish engineering students with a crazy idea. They are convinced the best way to create a cooling effect is to use heat. They believe so wholeheartedly in the idea that they regularly skipped class to work on it. Finally, after many long days and even longer nights, they manage to design a cooling cabinet with no compressor, no moving parts – and no ice. Simply by applying heat to a boiler, a cooling agent circulates in the system, absorbing the heat and thereby creating a cooling effect. Their cabinet turns out to be the world’s first refrigerator.

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What others say about us behind our back

Naturally, we believe our products and services are great. But what do others think? Below you can see what the press says about our products, and what our customers and industry think of what we do.

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