Transcontinental Cool

Richard Giordano

Most people only dream of driving from North America to Patagonia. Richard Giordano and his wife Ash sold everything they owned, rented their condo, and made it a reality.

Without much money or concrete plans, Rich and Ash enjoyed an eight-month drive from Vancouver all the way to Costa Rica. The following year they continued on, ultimately ending at the tip of South America. “For us, minimizing the amount of work to live on the road is key, and the Dometic CFX really helps with that,” says Rich. “The simplicity of a fridge in the back of the truck is really hard to beat.”

Dometic Ambassador Richard Giordano

Combined, they spent over a year of their life exploring small towns, hiking through the jungle, trekking the Andes Mountains – and living out of their Tacoma the entire way. “Having a fridge means that we can stay out longer and more comfortably,” says Rich. “We lived out of it on some of our favorite side trips, like the sunny beaches of Baja or hiking in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.”

Dometic Ambassador Richard Giordano

Rich and Ash have lived in a variety of vehicles, from the original “Little Red” to a trans-Canada trip with a Mitsubishi Delica to their new Tundra. This summer they plan to explore closer to home in the Canadian Rockies.

“The entire point of travelling for us is to experience culture, landscape, and backcountry,” says Rich. “That’s much easier to do when we’re not hunting for ice or worried about spoiled food.”

Dometic Ambassador Richard Giordano

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