Dometic expands range of

10 series RV refrigerators

with unique double-hinged opening doors


Save up to 300 € by replacing your old refrigerator with a new 10-Series one

Do you want to upgrade your mobile kitchen? The best time to do so is now. Simply replace your old refrigerator with a new one from Dometic 10 series, benefit from our market launch offer and save up to 300 € on the regular price!* 

* valid until october 31, 2020; discount depending on the model. 

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Even easier access

All 10-series refrigerators can be opened to the left and right, without the need to change the hinge. Simply use one of the two convenient and elegant aluminium handles, which extend across the entire height of the refrigerator for easy opening at any height. A two-point locking system keeps the door securely in place at all times.

Absorption advantage

Absorption refrigerators run in silence, making them perfect for combined sleeping and cooking spaces. And you can power them with mains, battery, and even LPG for flexible, reliable, maintenance-free operation.

Absorption refrigeration range

Dometic RM 10.5T
Dometic RM 10.5T
Absorption fridge, 93 l, TFT display, double-hinged door
Dometic RMS 10.5T
Dometic RMS 10.5T
Absorption fridge, 83 l, TFT display, double-hinged door

Compressor versatility

Compressor refrigerators offer outstanding energy efficiency and cooling performance even when ambient temperatures head for the extremes. Stable cooling and deep freezing down to -18 °C, even when operation in a tilted position.

Compressor refrigeration range

Dometic RCL 10.4T
Dometic RCL 10.4T
Compressor fridge, 133 l, TFT display, double-hinged door
Dometic RCD 10.5T
Dometic RCD 10.5T
Compressor fridge, 153 l, TFT display, 2 double-hinged doors


RVs, caravans, campers and boats all have their own needs and constraints. Our buying guide for refrigerators will take out the guesswork. Find the right size, style, cooling unit, and power choices for your vehicle.



Storage kit for 10-series absorption refrigerators
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Dometic RML10.4-RPLKIT
Dometic RML10.4-RPLKIT
RML 94xx replacement kit for installation of RML 10.4 fridges

Easier Access for All

“The original award winning 10 series refrigerator broke new ground in the world of mobile living. By expanding the 10 series refrigeration range to include smaller and bigger units, we’re able to make this unique design feature available to the entire camping and caravanning community.”

Magnus Manderbach, Product Area Manager, Refrigeration

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