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Looking for a suitable wine cooler?

Like any food and wine lover, at Dometic, we understand that wines require very specific storage conditions. It is only by ensuring the ideal storage conditions, that wines release their full flavor and bouquet – meaning you can enjoy them to their fullest.

Red, rosé, white and sparkling wines each have their own optimum temperature, both before and after serving. This means that an ordinary refrigerator simply isn’t up to the task. If you want to truly appreciate the complex flavors of your wine, it's essential to have a specialist wine cooler to chill, store, and preserve your precious vintages and fine wines. 

With decades of cooling expertise, Dometic wine cabinets and refrigerators provide precise and reliable performance, including dual-zone cooling for convenient storage of different types of wine in the same wine cooler.

Why buy from Dometic?

Dometic produce some of the best wine coolers and refrigerators on the market. Delivering superb performance, our premium designs offer expertly developed climate control features that allow you to create the ideal environment for storing your wine. 

Lockable doors ensure your wine collection is kept safe and secure until the time is right to drink it. In addition, dual-zone cooling makes it possible to have two independently cooled zones in your fridge so that different types of wine can be accommodated with ease. 

The built-in design and frameless glass door add style and elegance to any kitchen, as well as ensuring a convenient selection of a bottle of wine to suit the meal or occasion. 

Dometic MaCave S40FGD

Dual-zone compressor wine cabinet with glass door, 40 bottles

Dometic MaCave S40FGD is specially designed to provide the perfect storage conditions for your wine. Featuring frameless, UV-resistant glass doors, its two temperature zones can be monitored and adjusted with the convenient digital display and touch pad. Advanced compressor technology ensures reliable cooling with excellent efficiency.

Complete with LED interior lighting and a chic all-black design, it’s the perfect choice for wine and food lovers with an eye, as well as a palette, for good taste. 

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Dometic MaCave S40FGD
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"I am very pleased with this wine cooler"

“My Dometic wine cooler has proved to be a great addition to my kitchen. Aesthetically it looks great, I love the frameless design of the door. But more importantly, it's a superb wine refrigerator. Having two cooling zones means is really convenient and, since I'm not the most technically minded, the fact it's easy to use is a big plus. I am very pleased with this wine cooler – highly recommended!” 

- Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins

Looking for larger units?

Of course Dometic offers more, larger wine coolers. Get to know our portfolio.
Dometic MaCave S16FG
Dometic MaCave S16FG
Dual-zone compressor wine cabinet with glass door, 22 bottles
Dometic MaCave S17G
Dometic MaCave S17G
Wine cabinet with glass door, 17 bottles