Upgrade your shade with an rv awning

Chill out under an effective, easy to use awning.

Kill the engine. Extend the RV awning. Relax. We all love the feeling of hitting the road. But it feels even better when you reach your destination and chill in the fresh air. Effortlessly create your own serene outdoor space with Dometic PerfectWall PW 1100. It’s easy to set up and tough enough for all types of weather. Simply put, it’s a great upgrade of your next holiday. We call it Mobile living made easy.

Dometic PerfectWall PW 1100 awning

Slide out support legs

Safe and easy to use. Smooth set-up without having to go underneath the awning.

Easy lock flipper system

Simply and securely locks the support legs in place.
Tension Rafter

Tension rafter

Increases tension and strength in large awnings. Tucks into front rail when not in use.

PerfectWall Series

Create your special place with a Dometic PerfectWall. Strong, light, easily installed, and compatible with most current RV models. Dometic PerfectWall wall-mounted canopies have the build quality and materials to look right at home on even the most exclusive vehicles.

Dometic PR 1000

Dometic PW 1100

Compact, elegant design, easy setup and handling.
Dometic PW 1500

Dometic PW 1500

Robust wall awning available in all sizes and colours.
Dometic PW 3800

Dometic PW 3800

Quick and easy setup for shade from the sun.

Clean, elegant lines

Sleek and stylish with a smooth design to enhance your vehicle.

From Roof to Room

Optional Dometic Camp Room walls create an extra, enclosed living space.

LED Profile Lighting

New modular LED light system (optional). Easy installation for perfect illumination angle.

The perfect fit

Full range of vehicle-specific adapters available for motorhomes, caravans and panel vans.

Roofmounted awnings

Dometic PerfectRoof awnings mount discretely to your roof with minimal space needs. Rugged, attractive, and reliable – PerfectRoof awnings provide every shade of relaxation.

Dometic PR 2000

Dometic Perfectroof PR 2000

Perfect for caravans and panel vans.
Dometic PR 2500

Dometic Perfectroof PR 2500

Light and robust up to 6m long, perfect for larger vehicles.

Buyer's Guide

Powered or manual? Supported or self-supporting? Wall or roof mounted? Find the perfect awning to shade your next adventure. Learn More

Meet the team

“Safe, easy to operate and ergonomic”

With other awnings, you need to get in underneath to set them up – they’re awkward and often tricky. We designed the PW 1100 to be easy. We re-thought the legs, so you can pull from from the sides without having to bend. And we built the tension rafter right into the front rail, so it’s not something extra you need to store away. No other awning is this accessible.

– Samuele Meda, Head of Design and UX

Meet our ambassadors

Leander, Maria and their son Lennox are journeying 30,000 kms from Austria to New Zealand in a truck they’ve named Akela, which is fitted with a Dometic roof-mounted awning.

Awing pull out

“Extra living space and easy to set up.”

Upgrade More

Get cosy. Our range of awning accessories let you customize your extra space just the way you want it, and get more protection from the elements if you need it.

Rollo +

Dometic Rollo+

Stylish retractable roller blind which fits to wall mounted awnings up to 4m.

Dometic Rainprotect

Windproof, waterproof panel that protects you from the elements.

Dometic Sunprotect

Permeable sun screen that keeps you cool and protects you from the sun.
Tie Down Kit

Weather Tie-down Kit

Firmly anchors wall and roof awnings.
Dometic Camproom

Dometic Camproom

Extending the living area of motorhomes into the outdoors, the Dometic Camp Room is the easy way to create more space.
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