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Built-In Refrigerators

Refrigeration and deep-freeze containers as top loaders and front loaders with customer-specific equipment
Built-In Refrigerators

  • Compact design requires little space
  • A reliable fixed point +5 °C (±1 °C) makes it ideal for transporting heat sensitive products
  • Made from strong stainless steel
  • 12 V DC
  • Certified according to DIN 75079
  • For permanent installation

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When you need to transport food or other sensitive items from one place to another, maintaining its temperature is critical. A built-in refrigeration system for your delivery vehicle makes it possible to keep it at a safe temperature so that it does not spoil. There are many applications possible in food trucks and medical environments. Our products meet the highest of quality, reliability and safety standards. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of integrated refrigerators for food transport.

Finding the Right Built-in Fridge

There are a lot of built-in fridges available, but not all of them are compatible for every vehicle. We offer these tips so that you can choose the right under counter refrigerator for your delivery vehicle.

Capacity Matters

On some transport runs, you may only need to refrigerate a small amount of items. On other runs, you may have a considerable amount of items that you need to transport. The capacities of our refrigeration units range from 600 to 1,000 grams of coolant.

Size and Footprint

Your vehicle has limited interior space. For convenience, the evaporators mount onto the ceiling or spare wheel well of the vehicle. This maintains the vehicle's aerodynamics. It also conserves valuable floor space. The evaporator units operate independently of the engine, allowing them to keep item cool when the engine is off.

Best-in-class Integrated Fridges

When transporting valuable content, you need to have an under counter fridge that is reliable. Our built-in refrigerators offer innovative and high-tech features. For example, you can check the interior temperature with our app on your smartphone instead of having to open the door or stand in front of the unit's thermostat. You should choose our durable refrigeration containers because they feature:

  • Innovative designs
  • Availability in more than 100 markets
  • World-leading brand with a solid reputation
  • High-quality construction

Compact and Lightweight Built in Refrigerators

Our refrigerators have a slim profile. We created the units so that their condensers and compressors can be mounted several feet away from the refrigeration chamber. This makes them 40 percent lighter than competing products. The light weight also makes them easy to install and increases your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Securing the Refrigeration Container?

Roads can be bumpy and riddled with potholes. Our built-in refrigerators can be locked shut. This means that the door won't swing open if you drive over an uneven surface or hole in the road. The lock also protects your valuable contents from thieves.

Easy to Maintain?

You may not want to spend a lot of time doing maintenance on your under counter fridge. Our systems require minimal maintenance. They have automatic defrost functions. There are no belts to replace. The variable speed compressors work efficiently with minimal service over their lifespan.

Temperature Adjustments for Integrated Fridges?

On one food transport, you might need to have the under counter fridge at one temperature, and on the next transport, you might need a different temperature. Making temperature adjustments on our built-in refrigerators is easy. Their operating range is -18 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. This gives you the flexibility to use the integrated fridge as a refrigerator or freezer. Instead of buying two separate units, you can conserve space and have one combination unit.

Alarm for Temperature Deviations?

For safety and health reasons, many items must be kept within a strict temperature range. Our Dometic built-in refrigerators for medical or food transport include audible alarms. These alarms sound when there is a temperature deviation of +/- 4 degrees Celsius from the temperature you set on the thermostat. The alarm functions become active within 20 minutes of setting the thermostat.

Bottom Line

Dometic is a world-leading brand of commercial refrigeration solutions for restaurants and hospitals. Our innovative approach to manufacturing and our high-quality source materials attract enthusiastic customers around the world. We sell our products in over 100 markets. To find out more about Dometic’s commercial refrigeration solutions, contact an authorized Dometic dealer in your area.