Dometic RGE 4000
Freestanding absorption refrigerator, 190 l, 30 mbar

This silent, freestanding 2-way absorption refrigerator has a spacious freezer and provides a top cooling performance. High flexibility with removable freezer and adjustable shelves.
  • High performance
  • Perfectly silent
  • Highly flexible : 9105705208 Visit support page
Dometic RGE 4000
...and more
    • Adjustable shelves offer flexibility
    • Silent operation – no disturbance from your fridge
    • Offers a high cooling performance up to 30 °C below ambient temperature
    • Door trays maximise storage capacity
    • Gas or electricity (AC)
    • Piezo ignition
    • Separately insulated 35 l freezer compartment

Freestanding cool

This silent, 190 l freestanding fridge has a spacious freezer and provides a top cooling performance. The Dometic RGE 4000 boasts adjustable shelves, a separately insulated 31 l freezer compartment and a high cooling performance up to 30°C below the ambient temperature. On top of all this, it is also perfectly silent.


SKU number 9105705208 
Model RGE4000 
Model on label RGE 4000 
Scope of delivery 1 fridge, operating manual,installation manual 
Product Description Freestanding absorption refrigerator, 190 l, 30 mbar 
Refrigeration technology Absorption 
Dimensions product depth 637 mm
Dimensions product height 1331 mm
Dimensions product width 531 mm
Net weight 45.5 kg
Gross volume (EN62552) 190.00 l
Storage volume - total (EN 62552) 184.00 l
Fridge storage volume (EN 62552) 149.00 l
Freezer storage volume (EN62552) 35.00 l
Input voltage (AC) 230 V
Rated input current (AC) 1.1 A
Rated input power (AC) 250 W
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Refrigerant, type R717 
Refrigerant amount 202 g
Noise (DIN60704-1 & 60704-2-14) 0.00 dB(A)
Average energy consumption at AC (EN62552) 3.80 kWh/24h
Energy consumption (DC@5/25°C) 3.8 kWh/24h
Climate class (EN62552) SN 
Gas pressure (DIN732) 30 mbar
Gas category (DIN732) G30 (50% n-butane, 50% i-butane), G31 (100% propane) 
Colour White 
Certificates CE 
Interior light Yes, LED 
Hinge type Right hinged 
Thermostat control Manual Thermostat 
EAN-13 4014742192882 
Dimensions parcel depth 680 mm
Dimensions parcel height 1360 mm
Dimensions parcel width 570 mm
Parcel weight 52 kg
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