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Motorhome Fridges

Motorhome Fridges
  • Optimal distribution of air with additional fan integrated into rear wall
  • A reliable fixed point +37 °C (±1 °C) makes it ideal for transporting temperature sensitive products
  • Easily monitor the temperature on integrated digital display
  • 12 V DC
  • Certified according to DIN 75079
  • Robust – made from stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Compact design requires little space
  • A reliable fixed point +5 °C (±1 °C) makes it ideal for transporting heat sensitive products
  • Made from strong stainless steel
  • 12 V DC
  • Certified according to DIN 75079
  • For permanent installation
  • Optimal distribution of air with additional fan integrated into rear wall
  • A premium, stainless steel door and installation frame
  • Easily monitor the temperature on integrated digital display
  • Fixed point temperature +5 °C ( +1 °C)
  • Luxurious and space saving flush fitting – unit embedded into the wall.
  • Robust – made from stainless steel
  • Compact design

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If you are looking for a new motorhome fridge look no further! We started out making motorhome fridges, so it’s not surprising that more outdoor people use our cooling products than any other brand, and over the years we have sold millions of fridges. Fridges are the most important appliance in a motorhome. Below you’ll find some tips to consider before selecting the best motorhome fridge for you:

What to think of when buying a motorhome fridge?

A motorhome fridge is quite different from the residential fridge you have in your home. A motorhome fridge has special features which make sure the fridge is safely and securely closed, even while driving in rough terrain with your motorhome. There are also safety features that, for instance, will automatically switch over to using LP Gas for power when there is no longer any AC electricity (generator power or shore power). Food and beverages will therefore stay cold even if you don’t remember to flick the switch, all thanks to this modern motorhome fridge feature. In short, we highly recommend you buy an motorhome fridge, which is specifically designed for use on motorhome travels and camping, rather than rely on a refrigerator designed for residential use.

The size of your motorhome fridge

There are hundreds of different motorhome fridge sizes, so there is sure to be a fridge with a storage capacity which fits your needs. And here’s a tip! If you are running out of space in your fridge or even your freezer, you don’t have to buy a new one. Consider adding a portable fridge and/or freezer. This will give valuable additional fridge/freezer space to have in your motorhome, by the BBQ at home, or to take with you in the back of your car!

You can’t just buy any motorhome fridge!

We strongly recommend that you purchase a fridge that is specifically designed for mobile usage. Fridges used in motorhomes need to absorb shocks and vibrations, they also need a latch to hold the door shut. You need a durable fridge that is fit for purpose; you need a mobile fridge. View the purchase of an motorhome fridge as an investment, a fridge that is fit for purpose will last for a long time!

Silent motorhome fridges

The hum of a fridge can be an unwanted distraction at the best of times and, if your bedroom is nearby, a real disturbance. So, if you’re concerned about the noise of your fridge, prioritise absorption technology. Or, if for other reasons you favour compressor technology, look out for a fridge with a variable pull down speed. This feature allows you to control the fridges cooling power and, as a result, the noise it is generating.

Below are a few tips to operate your fridge in the most efficient and economical way possible:

Turn your fridge on the day before

Turning the motorhome fridge on the night before your next trip will make sure that your fridge is cooled down to an optimal temperature – doing it overnight will also take less energy thanks to the colder outside temperatures. You can also put everything that is already frozen in your freezer so your fridge doesn’t have to work twice as hard to freeze warm food.

Do not overload your fridge!

To keep everything in your motorhome fridge cold, air must be able to pass through the shelves and around the food to cool it.

Close the motorhome fridge properly

Make sure you always close the doors to your fridge properly. Routinely check and make sure the seals on the fridge are in good condition, so you can be sure that cold air is not escaping your fridge.