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Our Best Camping Coolboxes

Get an overview what coolbox fits your next camping trip best

How does a camping coolbox work?

Our camping coolboxes use one of three types of cooling technology: absorption, compressor or thermoelectric cooling. Each technology has its own particular advantages that recommend them for certain conditions:

Thermoelectric: small, compact and lightweight, our thermoelectric camping coolboxes are convenient to take out for a day at the beach. With cooling up to 20 °C below the ambient temperature it is a reliable choice for short camping trips in moderately warm climates.

Compressor: with a large storage space combined with deep freezing functionality (-22 °C), our powerful compressor camping coolboxes are ideal for use in hot climates and longer camping trips.

Absorption: enjoy the freedom to travel off-grid with the option to power your absorption coolbox using gas. Cool up to 30 °C below the ambient temperature and ensure a quality night's sleep in your tent thanks to its superbly silent cooling.

The ideal portable coolbox for your camping trip

When choosing the ideal camping coolbox it is important to consider the size of group who will be dependent on its cooling, as well as the length of your trip.

  • Weekend camping trip, couple (2) – Mid-size passive coolbox or small thermoelectric coolbox
  • Weekend camping trip, family (4) – Mid-size thermoelectric coolbox or compressor coolbox for freezing
  • Long summer camping trip, couple (2) – Mid-size compressor coolbox plus a small passive coolbox
  • Long summer camping trip, family (4) – Large compressor coolbox or, if no freezing is required, an absorption coolbox


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Passive camping coolboxes for short trips

For short camping trips, a day at the beach or fishing, passive cooling solutions can maintain your comfort without the need for an energy source. With their superb insulation, our passive coolboxes can keep ice cool for days and have capacities up to 111 litres! For the best results, we recommend pre-cooling your food and drink at home before adding it to a portable coolbox filled with ice cubes or ice packs.