Dometic MasterFlush MF 8900
Bidet Toilet 24 v

The stainless steel macerator blades of the MF 8900 toilet quickly and conveniently turn waste into a fluid slurry. The high quality ceramic bowl is easily cleaned, while its quiet operation and low energy consumption are sure to be appreciated.
  • Powerful flush
  • Save water
    Low flush
  • Small footprint
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Upscale elegance & comfort

We want you to travel in complete comfort. This is the idea behind our hygiene range, which offers sophisticated, mobile toilet concepts and practical, easy-to-use products for undiminished holiday enjoyment. The industry-leading MasterFlush 8900 series macerating system uses 64% less power and 33% lower amps per flush than competing models. Thanks to the quiet yet powerful integrated macerator pump, waste is ground into a fine effluent with no clogging. One luxurious look – with many designer-friendly options. That summarises the distinct advantage of Dometic 8900 series macerator toilet.
Upscale elegance & comfort
Dometic MasterFlush MF 8900
...and more
    • Powerful flush with steel macerator
    • Compact design with angled back saves space
    • Conserve water with low flush option
    • Elegant design with standard height suits any bathroom
    • Ergonomically shaped seat closes softly to avoid noise and damage
    • Dometic flush touchpad as standard
    • Dometic flush switch panels to fit Vimar/Gewiss frames (optional)

The making of a Master

The Dometic MasterFlush is a clean, odour-free toilet with a powerful flush. The stainless steel macerator blades ensure an easy and thorough discharge of the holding tank as waste is macerated into a fluid slurry. It also allows the tank to be located anywhere you please. The MasterFlush's two low-flush options ensure water supplies last longer while also flushing the bowl clean. The compact design, featuring an angled back, saves space in the head while also facilitating user comfort. Finally, its ceramic bowl is both easy to clean and adds a premium finish to the toilet.

The making of a Master

The reason you need a macerator toilet

Macerator flushing technology has many advantages. Firstly, it allows the toilet and waste holding tank to be positioned apart from each other. This offers flexibility in terms of installation and also means that smells are more easily isolated away from the vehicle's living space. The macerator's stainless steel blades also ensure that holding tank effluent is more fluid and avoids the “mounding” of waste. This makes discharge from the tank easier and more thorough. And there is no need to worry about potential blockages caused by wads of toilet paper. A macerator toilet removes risks and simplifies waste disposal – making it a quick job!

The reason you need a macerator toilet

The problem solving toilet

Dometic MasterFlush MF 8900 macerator toilets offer luxurious looks with user-friendly features. The Dometic 8900 series toilets not only satisfy diverse owner preferences but also meet virtually any boat builder's requirements too. To help manage water use, this series offers "Normal" flush and "Low" flush settings. The angled back and compact footprint ensure a great fit in almost any head, the ceramic bowl is easy to clean, while its soft-close seat prevents any sudden bangs! Finally, having a macerator flushing system allows the waste holding tank to be located away from the toilet, isolating any smells and ensuring a pleasant environment inside the vehicle. It also transforms waste into a fluid slurry which results in a thorough and easy discharge of the holding tank.


SKU number 9108684195 
Model 8980 
Model on label ST 8980 
Scope of delivery Toilet, Mounting kit, Templates, Manuals, Adapters, Flush Switch 
Product Description Bidet Toilet 24 v 
Dimensions product depth 464 mm
Dimensions product height 460 mm
Dimensions product width 375 mm
Net weight 24.04 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Colour White 
EAN-13 713814075903 
Dimensions parcel depth 660 mm
Dimensions parcel height 559 mm
Dimensions parcel width 508 mm
Parcel weight 32.21 kg
Installation manual
Installation manual
Operating manual
Operating manual