Marine Toilet Buying Guide

Choosing a toilet for your boat

As a boating enthusiast, we know that you want to spend as much time on the water as possible. Toilets are crucial for helping you stay on the water for longer and for ensuring the convenience of comfort on-board. But, with so many options, how do you know which toilet is right for you? Review our guide to the complete range of Dometic marine toilets to help find the perfect fit for that most essential of needs:

Your sanitation needs

More than one?

You might have a larger boat and need more than one toilet. Vacuum or macerator toilets like our Vacuflush and Masterflush range, are ideal as a second unit because they don’t need to be positioned directly above the waste holding tank. The waste is pumped instead through a sanitation hose up to a maximum of 50ft (15m) away, giving you more options for installation, which can be vital when you need to get creative with your space.

Struggling for space?

 Our Masterflush 7000 range of 360-degree rotating toilets are perfect for bathrooms with limited space. These toilets are available as “low-profile”, meaning they are suitable for a range of locations, without compromising on space.

Dometic’s Vacuflush 5006 is a low-profile vacuum toilet with a pedal-flush, meaning that gravity toilets are no-longer the only option for a small head. You have the added benefit of being able to install the holding tank away from the toilet itself reducing the chance of malodours seeping into the head.

Are you a disabled user or do you have limited movement?

Standard height toilets are available from Dometic across our MasterFlush range and Vacuflush series, giving the user a comparable height to household toilets which are easier to sit on and lift off from. Dometic provides toilets with different control options, from pedal flush to handwave control panels, which offer extended flexibility for those users with limited mobility.

Dometic’s comfort models also come with an in-built bidet system, helping you to keep clean and fresh without fuss.

At sea for a long time?

Holding tanks will eventually need to be emptied, and if you are going to be at sea for a while, you should consider:

  1. Portable toilets: Take an additional waste tank or two.
  2.  More than 3 miles from the shore: choose a toilet system with overboard discharge capabilities but be aware that odours can come back to bite you, and it is not the most sustainable of options. We recommend discharging your waste at a designated station whenever possible for your comfort.

Read more on holding tanks below.

As a sailor, you might be away from water and electricity for a long period, which can make it difficult to use even the basic amenities we need each day. Dometic offers two MasterFlush models with external seawater pumps that can be used anywhere, without electrical power. An added benefit to this is the extra quiet operation – perfect for use overnight.

Toilet Types

Explore our four popular types of boat toilets

Macerating Flush

Macerator toilets are fitted with stainless steel blades, which churn waste to a fine effluent before it is transferred through a pipe to the holding tank. To make things easier when discharging the tank, the macerating process ensures even distribution of the waste when in use. The cutting wheel technology is the most efficient on the market, reducing the risk of a clogging and malodor troubles. Dometic MasterFlush macerating toilets are available with plenty of options such as low or standard height, 360-degree orbit, seawater or freshwater pump and in 12v or 24v.


Dometic MasterFlush MF 7120
Dometic MasterFlush MF 7120
Electric fresh water macerator toilet, standard height, 24 V
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Dometic MasterFlush MF 7120
Dometic MasterFlush MF 7120
Electric fresh water macerator toilet, standard height, 12 V
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Gravity flush

Gravity toilets use the simplest method of flushing, simply dropping the contents of the bowl into the holding tank installed directly below. In the Dometic 711, Water is kept in the bowl to ensure odours are sealed into the holding tank, when the PowerFlush function ensures that the bowl is cleaned through with every flush, making for a more hygienic experience. Our most economic of toilets, without compromising on performance, the gravity flush toilet is ideal for specialist vessels such as commercial or passenger ships.

Dometic 711
Dometic 711
All-in-One System

Vacuum flush

Vacuum flush toilets use very little water when flushing, extending freshwater resources and enabling you to be comfortable for longer. Effluent is pulled from the toilet bowl through a macerating vacuum pump, into the holding tank, which can be positioned away from the toilet itself. With a choice of low profile or standard height, and with small footprint for flexible installation, the VacuFlush range is ideal for the practical boater.

Vacuum Toilet
Dometic VacuFlush 5009
Dometic VacuFlush 5009
Vacuum Toilet


Are you into sports fishing, or perhaps you use a small boat for day trips or water sports, and you don’t have a bathroom aboard? Dometic’s award winning, portable toilets could be the right choice for you. Portable toilets are made of a lightweight plastic toilet bowl and small integrated waste tank, which can be easily emptied or replaced on the go, until you are close to a disposing station. The smart design is ideal for storage in confined spaces, meaning however quick your trip is, you don’t have to go without those basic comforts.

Worried about noise?

Gravity and portable toilets are the quietest, because they are not motor operated, but it is important to balance all factors of the toilets functionality to ensure you are choosing the right model for you.

Using an external water pump on the MasterFlush macerator toilets will help to keep operation quiet.

Tip: Choose a soft close seat to help keep the noise down in the middle of the night!

Which toilet is the easiest to empty?

Macerator toilets are the most effective at keeping effluent evenly distributed within the holding tank. This reduces the risk of “mounding” that can occur in gravity systems, making it easier to rinse and discharge. Vacuum and macerator toilets do not suffer from potential blockages that can occur in gravity systems, meaning that toilet paper wads do not pose a risk.

Tip: Use Dometic Sanitary Rinse immediately before emptying the tank as the deodorant will be more potent, making the experience as pleasant as possible.

Keep it fresh

How can you avoid bad smells from a toilet?

Odour safe and maxflex hose?

With both a macerator and VacuFlush (but especially a Macerator, the hose needs to resist the permeation of sewage odors. We have a patented test to evaluate the life of a hose relative to the time it will take for the sewage gasses to permeate a flexible hose. Our OdorSafe hose is superior to major competitor’s hoses based on that test.

Filter the smell

Heavier-than-air gases can build up in your empty holding tank over time. When flushed, water and air from the toilet can force the accumulated odors out through the through hull vent, causing the malodors to be transmitted back into the boat through a porthole. Often, chemicals are used to kill those odors, but Dometic is able to offer a more environmentally friendly option, easily installed into the holding tank vent line.

The Dometic vent filter, comprised of specially formulated carbon material, absorbs the odors released from the tank when the toilet flushes. The DVF is formed into an innovative concave shape and uses recyclable plastics, making it the most effective and environmentally-responsible waste tank vent filter available for installation on any type of system. 

Use the right roll

Using household toilet paper can cause problems with clogging because of the volume of adhesive used in them. This can easily clog a macerator pump or a vacuum system valve requiring unpleasant maintenance. Tissue that gets to the holding tank can prevent level indication floats from operating correctly or clog the discharge pump. In gravity toilets, household tissue will not easily break down and can cause unwanted clogging during a discharge of the tank. Dometic Comfortcare tissue is a great alternative, especially designed for use in our marine toilets and will keep you going for longer.


Which type of flushing mechanism should you choose?

We would highly recommend the use of a tank monitor such as Dometic DTM04 which gives you the advantage of a “full tank” shut-down option. This eliminates the risk of overfilling the tank and flooding the hull, which can be extremely unpleasant and difficult to clean up.
Tip: if you do not have a tank monitor or “full-tank” shut down option, ensure that you check your tank regularly and empty it on a regular basis.

Cleaning is key

Of course, your tank should be maintained to ensure it stays hygienic and smells pleasant. Just as you would expect to clean your toilet bowl from time to time, you should treat your holding tank and clean your hoses also. As gravity toilets require the tank to be installed directly below the bowl, tank treatments can be essential for comfort on board. No matter what type of toilet you opt for, Dometic has a range of tank treatment solutions that will help your toilet stay fresh.

simple grey
Dometic PowerCare Tabs
Dometic PowerCare Tabs
Sanitation additive for waste holding tanks, 16 tabs
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Dometic GreenCare Tabs
Dometic GreenCare Tabs
Sanitation additive for waste holding tanks, 16 tabs
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Good for you, good for the environment

Want a low energy solution?

All Dometic macerator and vacuum toilets use only a few amps of power for a limited amount of time during the flushing action, meaning even our top of the range solutions are efficient for use on-board. However, if you are looking for the eco-friendliest option, gravity toilets with pedal flush require no power at all!

Being frugal with water?

A gravity flush toilet will be most efficient with water consumption, as the waste doesn’t need to be flushed from the bowl to the tank. A foot-pedal operated vacuum toilet also reduces water usage, as the waste is pulled to the holding tank using vacuum power, keeping the plumbing clean and clear from residue.

However, Dometic’s range of electric flush toilets offer “Normal” and “Low” flush options to help control water use.


Dometic offer environmentally friendly tank treatments to help you treat waste before disposing it, such as a tank filter. Use Dometic DVF filter to tackle nasty smells without the use of chemical treatments.
Whenever possible, Dometic encourage the discharge of waste at a designated disposal site, a great alternative to overboard disposal into the sea. If you are left without an option, Dometic provides waste treatment options such as GreenCare tabs to break down your waste tank before discharge, meaning you won’t be hit with unpleasant odours to deal with.

Holding tanks

Which waste tank is right for me?

Why do I need one?

Hard at work or simply relaxing on the water, when nature calls you will be grateful for the essential luxuries of a fully plumbed-in toilet system! Dometic holding tanks allow you the luxury of time between emptying waste, meaning you can stay out on the water for longer, entertaining guests or getting some serious ocean hours in. A holding tank system has the ability to be discharged via pump into an onshore septic station which allows you to clean the tank without having to manually handle it.

A must have for lake cruising

An in-built waste system is essential if you are spending time in the harbor, or on a lake. Government regulations restrict sewage dumping within three miles of the shore, meaning that you will have to empty at designated discharge station, and a waste tank can allow you to hold the sewage until you can find access to one.

What size do I need?

Dometic marine toilet storage tanks range in capacity from 42l – 137l (9-30 gallons). Because space is at a premium on-board, your capacity requirements will depend entirely on how you will use your boat, and how often you will be able to empty the tank. If you are looking to use your boat for long trips, or you will be entertaining friends and family, you will want a high-capacity storage tank to ensure fewer trips to discharge stations. If you’re only planning day trips or if there are two of three of you on-board for the weekend, you will be fine with a smaller tank. It is reported by boating enthusiasts that two people can produce up to 22l (5 gallons) of waste every two days, so keep this in mind when selecting the right tank size for you.

simple grey
Dometic DHT88L
Dometic DHT88L
Holding tank for marine toilets, 88 l
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Dometic DHT110L
Dometic DHT110L
Holding tank for marine toilets, 110 l
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