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Parking Aids

Parking Aids

Parking aid

Manoeuvring into a narrow parking space is no easy task! We care about you and this is why we offer the best parking aid in the industry.

  • The system includes a stylish LED display for visual as well as aural aid
  • The system is automatically activated when the vehicle is in reverse gear
  • Entry-level model that is value for money
  • Can even be used on vehicles with tow-bars
  • The built-in sensors are paintable for a perfect and almost invisible finish
  • Suitable for vehicles with a power supply of 12 volts and 24 volts
  • A handy radio mute control silences the radio to concentrate on manoeuvres

  • No need to switch on as system operates via the speedometer and reverse gear selection
  • An ideal additon to an existing rear parking aid for all-round protection
  • The built-in sensors can be painted for a perfectly neat and discreet finish
  • Specially designed for installation into the front bumper
  • Measures distance with four ultra-sonic sensors
  • Has an acoustic warning function and the option of a visual display is extra
  • Suitable for all vehicles with 12- to 24 v power supply

  • Four sensors for side scan cover of the blind spot area
  • The driver receives a visual and an acoustic warning
  • The LED design displays four colours for an eye-catching and easy to follow warning
  • Detection range is up to 120 cm
  • The speedometer activates and deactivates the system
  • Deactivation is also possible via parking brake and/or push button
  • Three installation options: side scan, corner and step scan and front scan

  • Sensors have a 3 m detection range
  • Backlit, LCD display ensures a clear image for the driver
  • Warning buzzer alerts the driver to obstacles
  • Sensitivity of sensors is adjustable
  • Compact control unit saves space

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