Dometic PerfectView CAM 360
All-around view system with four cameras and a monitor

Around View Monitoring System with four cameras to create a 360° observation area around a vehicle. The system is equipped with a RCA connector (A/V) to fit to devices with an A/V Input.
  • Easy to use
  • Improve driving safety
  • 360° view around your vehicle : 9600014319 Visit support page + FAQ

With 180° wide-angle lens, heavy-duty design

Remote Control
Remote Control

Convenient shifting between views

Calibration Pattern
Calibration Pattern

Needed for calibration

Dometic rv road water
Dometic PerfectView CAM 360
...and more
    • Complete 360° view all around your vehicle
    • Safer and more confident driving with full view of vehicle and surrounding objects
    • Convenient shifting between views by remote control or trigger signal
    • Avoids bumps, scrapes and accidents
    • Makes even large vehicles easy to manoeuvre!

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A new perspective!

With four 180° wide-angle cameras you can watch from a bird view perspective everything that might get in the way while manoeuvring. The camera images are transmitted in real-time to the control box of the CAM 360, where they are instantly processed by the integrated video splitter. The smart electronics system brings all data together and provides exactly the view that is currently required for manoeuvring: front, sides, rear or the complete 360° all-around view. Using the remote control supplied with each system, the driver can select the required view with a touch of a button. The rear-view camera comes online as soon as reverse gear is engaged. However, the installation of the CAM 360 is not for do-it-yourselfers, but should be performed by specially trained professionals.

A new perspective!
What users say
We asked some of our customers what they think of us.
  • Sophia Pfisterer
    Sophia Pfisterer
    "Manoeuvring at the campsite was a completely relaxed experience. As soon as reverse gear is engaged, the 360-degree bird-view camera and the video display spring to life – manoeuvring like in a computer game! As easily as Super Mario beats Bowser Junior, I managed to jockey our motorhome into a tricky parking space without the help of a banksman. "

Advanced driving assistant system

Our new Dometic PerfectView CAM 360 system gives you a perfect, all-around view. You can see the vehicle’s position and the surrounding objects, face tricky parking manoeuvres with ease and minimise the risk of bumps, scrapes and traffic accidents. Four cameras with extra-wide-angle lenses installed on the front, rear, left and right collect images of what is happening around your vehicle and send them to the monitor in your cockpit. The control box, being the core component of this smart solution, manages everything. Integrating a video splitter, it gives you various view options – front, side, rear or 360° bird view. Using the handy remote control, you can easily access the view you want in the situation at hand.


SKU number 9600014319 
Model CAM360 
Model on label CAM360 
Scope of delivery CAM360; system cable for all cameras; installation material, monitor M75L; manuals 
Product Description All-around view system with four cameras and a monitor 
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
IP class IP40/IP69k 
Brightness adjustment Electronic 
Diagonal picture angle 180.00 °
Picture brightness 400.00 cd/m²
Resolution 385000 px
Video standard PAL 
Vibration resistance 10.00 g
Mirrored Picture Function Can be set 
Colour Silver 
EAN-13 ean13-MDM-DOM-STR 
Dimensions parcel depth 210 mm
Dimensions parcel height 195 mm
Dimensions parcel width 275 mm
Parcel weight 3.90 kg