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Hotel Minibar Buying Guide

What to consider when buying a hotel minibar

How to turn the minibar into an instant profit centre

  1. Pricing. If the prices are too high, then guests will not use the minibar. The prices in the minibar should, in general, not be higher than those in the hotel bar.
  2. Products. The minibar selection has to match the type of guests staying at the hotel and should be clear and not too wide. Some advice: Check what sells well and eliminate what doesn’t.
  3. Placement. Be sure not to hide the minibar. The guest should be tempted to consume something from the minibar just by looking at it. To trigger an impulse buy, a nicely stocked glass door minibar close to the TV will do its job.
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What to consider when purchasing minibars

The minibar has to be silent so that guests can sleep peacefully. Energy consumption, service life and support are also important selection criteria.

The HiPro 3000 minibar by Dometic is the world’s most economical absorption minibar and the Dometic DM 20 drawer is the first ever, noiseless minibar with an A++ EU Energy Efficiency. When buying a minibar, make sure that the energy consumption of the appliance corresponds to EU directives 643/2009 and 1060/2010, or ISO 7371 – which ours do. 

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What hotel managers should do to ensure minibars meet their expectations

Use the right marketing. Leaflets, the website or personal conversations at check-in are ideal touch points for promoting the minibar. And you can always offer the guest a sweet or savoury snack from the minibar free of charge.

Furthermore, a uniform, reasonable pricing model helps – for example, all drinks at the same low price. Many hotels are now starting to use “all-inclusive” offers – in other words, all drinks and snacks are included in the price of the room.

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Dometic anti-tampering system – the quality benchmark for hotel safe security

The latest Dometic proSafe range comes with an anti-tampering system, which reports any attempt to tamper with the safe. This state-of-the-art security solution provides an additional layer of protection to guests’ valuables. Integrated in a sturdy cabinet with 18 mm steel pivots, it leaves no point of attack for thieves and burglars. Dometic strives to support your hotel’s security standards, while also contributing to your guests’ peace of mind.

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